Torch and the Cat of 9 Tales – 2 (all)(797 words)

The Chief hadn’t stepped one foot into the police station before Constable Lodge had rushed up to him.

“Chief – we’ve been getting complaints all night from people near the zoo” he said.

“But there is no-one near the zoo” replied the Chief.  “The only thing that’s near the zoo is the Arena!”

“Exactly!” said the Constable. “Last night it was host to Just Zayne with No Direction – and no-one could hear anything over the caterwauling!”

“From who?” said the Chief.

“The cat!” replied the constable.  “There were reports of wailing and screeching all night!”

“How would the fans have known the difference?” asked the Chief “It all sounds like wailing and screeching to me!”

“That’s not true” said Gail, picking up the guitar.  “Wailing and screeching sounds like this…. Whereas the No Direction songs sound like this….“ her fingers picked the strings as she played their most popular hit.


Constable Lodge stopped and put his hand up.

“You – you, the writer.  You know the rules, you can’t just suddenly put an advent toy into the story; you have to have had a reason for it being there!”

The writer paused at the keyboard.  “But it wasn’t just put there.  Gail’s a Fireperson, right?  And what do Firemen and Fireladies have – an axe.  And that guitar is also called an Axe, so it’s something that Gail would have had with her.  Can I carry on with the story?”

Constable Lodge stroked his chin. “Well, it all seems a little iffy to me.  But as you’re typing this story, I guess that this is all perfectly okay and that there was nothing to worry about.  As long as you don’t have me doing anything silly, we can carry on.”

And with that, Constable Lodge got onto the unicorn and rode off.

“Oi!” said Constable Lodge.


“That’s as maybe” said the Constable “But the fans wanted their money back – and the show’s producer wants to claim his money back too.”

“Well that’s not going to happen – at least, not from us. We need to find out who owns this cat, or at least made it to be so big.”

The Chief left the station and headed over to Animal Control, where Betty was just about to leave.


“Hi Betty” said the Chief “Do we have any idea or information about our mystery moggy?”
Betty smiled.

“Actually, we did find some records about a missing cat – and apart from its size they match up.  I’m hoping that there might be a microchip embedded in its fur – it’s a long shot, but we don’t have many stray cats round here, so that might be a solution.  I’ll let you know what I find.”

“You don’t have to” replied the Chief, “as far as I’m aware my involvement’s over.”

“It would have been” said Betty, “But with Torch not around you’re the lead character in the story – so it comes back to you!”

“Thanks Torch” said the Chief, to himself.


In the school, Shawn was making a start on his new project in Design Tech.  Originally he was going to build a frame for his bike that would allow him to carry more newspapers on his round without having to go back to the shop, but with the capture of CAT MAXIMUS as the newspapers were calling the mega cat Shawn wanted to make something that would be the biggest cat toy.  He’d already sketched a few things out and was starting to cut out the materials. His mum had already agreed that she would do any sewing required.  Soon the end of day bell rang and Shawn gathered up all the pieces of fabric and headed off to the zoo.  The Head keeper knew Shawn and let him in – he quickly went up to the cage with CAT MAXIMUS who started to hiss as he approached.

“Come on Max” said Shawn “you know who I am.”  He threw a couple of small treats into the cage and in an instant Max started to purr.  “That’s better.  We need to work out how you came to be so big, but until then I’ll come and visit you every day.”  With that, he sat down in front of the cage and with Max getting closer, started to pet him.


Advent present – 2

So day 2 present is a fireperson.  With a guitar.  It’s nice that we’ve started with a lady fireperson as our first minifigure in the advent box… but I’m not sure about the guitar, or why it was included.  As a small learning opportunity though, the term “axe” for a musical instrument dates back to 1955 and was a reference for the saxophone!  More commonly though, the guitar / axe reference seems to be attributed to Gene Simmon’s bass guitar which looked like a double-headed axe with strings.


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