Advent Story – 1 Torch and the Cat of 9 Tales (all)(794 words)

It was December, and the Chief of Police was starting to get all the Christmas Decorations out from the cupboard.  Because of building works to the Police station, the Fire station was doubling up as the Police station too.  Torch was on an extended holiday, so the Chief was left to himself.


“Tinsel, lights, tree topper, decorations… oh, no… I thought that was a fake one!”  He stood there, with a spludge of white with a hat sitting on top of it. “Fortunately, I managed to get a couple of light-up Snowmen, so I’ll just start to build them.”

After building the two light-up figures, Chief got a mop and swept up the last remains of last year’s snowman.


Just then, his radio crackled into life.

“Err… Chief… This is Constable Lodge… umm we have a report of a tree in a cat.”

“Don’t you mean a cat in a tree?”

“No Chief.  I’m here now – and it’s definitely a tree in a cat.  Can you come down to the Park… might be worth bringing Animal Control along too.”

The Chief was amused – a tree in a cat!  How absurd!  However, Constable Lodge wasn’t a small fellow and had been brought up on a farm, so was quite used to dealing with all manner of animals – so if he suggested Animal Control, this was going to be worth checking out.  He picked up the phone.

“Hello Betty, this is the Chief.  It sounds absurd, but we’ve had a report of a tree in a cat.  Nope, not a cat in the tree – yes, that does sound unusual and I hope it’s a prank too – but over the years I’ve learned that this could go any direction.  Could I pick you up on the way to the park – you might want to bring something with you.”


When Betty and the Chief arrived, a small crowd had already formed.  Constable Lodge beckoned the Chief over.  The cat was now sitting on the remains of what was the town’s historical tree and purring quite happily.  If it wasn’t for the fact that it was about the height of the constable and as broad as a bear, it would look quite cute.

“Oh dear” said Betty. “I only brought one tranquiliser thinking it might be a normal large domestic – we may have a big problem if it attacks.”

“So what do we do?” asked the Chief. “It certainly can’t stay here! Where can we take it?”

“We could see if it wants to go to the zoo” suggested Constable Lodge. “Although the Penguin enclosure is being painted… maybe it would like to go to the cinema instead?”

“Not helping” said the Chief.

“I’ve an idea” said a small boy, “you could get it to chase a ball.”

Betty looked round at the boy. “What a brilliant idea!”  Do we have anything ball shaped we could put on a string?  We could then get the cat to follow the ball back to the pen!”

Chief paused for a moment.  “I have just the thing!”  With that he ran back to the Station House and quickly returned with the small light-up snowman.

“The power cord is about four metres, so we could drag it with that”
Betty threw the snowman just in front of the huge cat.  Instantly, the cat looked at it.  As Betty drew it away, the cat pounced – and with a small jerk it just escaped capture.  They started to walk away; dragging the snowman – the cat watching and pouncing – until finally they got to the van and with a final throw and pounce the cat was caught in the animal control van.

“Given its size, I am going to have to take it to the zoo – they have special containers that can hold it so that we can start to understand why a standard cat has become so very big.”

The Chief looked at the small boy, who was still with them all. “That was a brilliant idea” said the Chief, “We didn’t need to use anything to put it to sleep! What’s your name?”

“Shawn” replied Shawn.  “But where’s Torch? I thought he was the main person in the story.”

“He is” replied the Chief, “Or would have been if he’d been around!  But I can see you’re going to be a helpful person on this story! Thanks!”


Advent present day 1 – Snowmen

This is possibly the weirdest first advent gift so far.  Typically, these open with a minifigure, which can then be used to play – but short of writing a story about a snowman that comes to life (NOW I think of the idea!) I’m not sure what additional things I can do with this.  But that coming to life snowman idea could be useful…


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