You Got This (all)


I created this image for a friend who was recently affected by her companies decision to restructure.  In this postcard art, I wanted to make use of a number of techniques to reflect, motivate and inspire – and overall I’m pleased in the way it came out.

Firstly, there’s the clear message.  Given that this was a decision that wasn’t of her making, psychologically there will be some thoughts to the “why me” – so I wanted a simple phrase to remind her that this was something that she had the strength, motivation and gumption (and that’s a word that’s not used often enough!) to handle whatever came next.

I used the “zentangle” style of drawing to break the page up in regards to the background.  For those who have looked at other stuff I’ve created, you will know how much I love that weave pattern – and I deliberately used it here to show that there is a stable routine in life and that it will settle once more.  I used the row of stones to reflect that we all have a path to follow – and to make sure that we try to follow our path and not one that doesn’t bring us some form of happiness.  The flower is representative of inner beauty and strength.  In this case, reflecting the “you got this” message in that I know my friend has the skills to survive and shine whatever the future holds.  I used the circle motif as a simplified dream catcher style, there are deliberate gaps and space in the catcher to show that it’s important not to be tied to one thought – as I was once told, we need to “hold on tightly, but let go lightly”.  Finally, there’s the rabbit – deliberately included as a reminder that in all this “life stuff” to retain a sense of fun and humour.


It’s not often that I choose to explain my work – quite often it’s because I just let it take me wherever it wants, but in this case I wanted to make it a very empowering image.


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