Danger Mouse – he’s the greatest! (all)


Back in 1981, a small British production company released a cartoon series about a secret agent mouse with his bespectacled sidekick called Penfold.  Danger Mouse was voiced by David Jason (only Fools and Horses amongst other things) and Penfold by Terry Scott.  What really appealed to me was the writing – corny jokes at almost every turn but with that exciting secret agent storyline to go with it (around that time I was also reading a lot of Agaton Sax stories by Quentin Blake – looking at my Black Crane stories I can see where it all started!).

Anyways, being the 1980’s the tie in for action toys hadn’t really caught on and sadly in 1992 it all ended.

And then it didn’t (hooray!).  In 2015 it received a reboot – Danger mouse had gone all hi-tech with his digital eyepatch.  The actors voicing the characters had changed (Alexander Armstrong now voicing Dangermouse, Kevin Eldon carrying on the delivery patter of Penfold that the late Terry Scott had made such a major part of the character (“Cripes, DM!”) but the jokes, the plot was still as good as it ever was – and I was back in 1981 again.


So I was really, really pleased to find the DM action figure in the toyshop this week… and with pocket money in hand… 🙂


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