Line art (all)

I read a post on social media this week about the validity of adult colouring as an art form. It was in response to a Pears Before Swine comic strip (link here but this wasn’t where I saw the comment). I don’t believe it was a wholly unreasonable statement – colouring a pre-drawn picture isn’t really art in a commercial sense (after all, who is the artist?).  However, I think it does miss a couple of interesting points:

  1. If it makes you happy and want to show it off, does it really matter (unless you’re hoping for some kind of material reward)
  2. What if you make some changes to the original art and change it in some way?

This second point was something that I picked up on last year when I saw the Banksy Dismaland show.  One artist in particular had taken some old artwork and had coloured over it in grey and added a few small figures to the frame – as if they were redacting the picture.  Additionally, I noted that (Banksy again) had bought a picture from a thrift store, added details to it and it was now considered a new piece of art.

I have quite a few of the adult colouring books – I particularly enjoy the post card sized images as they are more transportable in my case (for credit, the ones I have been using are produced by  But what I had started to do was to take the original line art, add a few extra items – a word, an image – and suddenly I had a wholly unique image. Plus in some cases I would also add a background to them?

So are these art?  Well, I don’t claim credit for the original line art and I’m not in it to make any money from these, so ultimately I don’t care.  But they do look pretty in my opinion.



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