The Great Wave (all)


This was a postcard from as part of their Japanese art collection.  As with all of these, the lines are there to assist, but ultimately it is up to the artist to fill in the blanks.

I’m really pleased with the way this has come out – particularly as it is one of my favourite paintings.  The blue is quite calming, which is at odds with the raw power of the great wave it is a part of.  You can imagine the fishermen hunkering down, hoping that their boat will survive the ordeal.

Actually, the Great Wave isn’t a painting – it’s actually a print from a woodblock.  Thousands were made – at the time these were considered “low art” as woodblock was used for general printing rather than actual art.  Because it was a woodblock, early works are more revered as they didn’t chip or break so the printing was more complete. It was originally made printed around the 1830 – 1833  (more information, see here)  What is sometimes overlooked is that this isn’t just waves – that small peak in the distance is actually Mount Fuji!

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