Rollercoaster (all)

I had an idea on Tuesday to build a roller coaster vignette.  I had the ideas of the people and the shape of the car – I was just trying to work out how I would angle the train rails to show the scene.

On Friday morning I opened my latest Blocks magazine – to find articles on roller coasters! I was stuck with a dilemma – do I build because the idea was in my head, or not build because it might be seen that I was just prompted by the magazine.  I decided to build anyway.

The only difference from my original thoughts were the rails.  Originally I had planned to use a single base plate and straight rails, but I realised that I would need two base plates – and the article showed using the curved rails on their sides…



2016-08-12 18.07.16
The many faces of roller coastering…
2016-08-12 18.07.55
The full build. No, I have no idea where they will go next

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