The Party (all) (Short story: 672 words)

2016-07-16 08.32.37

Jessica watched Colin as he moved the second large box into the main room of the burrow.  There were lots of cables going everywhere and it all seemed to be quite heavy.

2016-07-16 07.22.37

“What’s that?” asked Jessica.

“It’s a record player” replied Colin. “Do you like it?”

“What does it do?” asked Jessica.

“Plays records” replied Colin.  He looked at Jessica who still had a very blank look on her face. He produced a record, a flat plastic disk. “This is a record” he explained “and this plays it.”

“How?” Jessica asked.

Colin smiled.  He carefully put the record on the player, moved the arm and needle onto the disk and the music filled the room.  Jessica was dumb founded.

2016-07-16 07.23.10

“Oh Gosh!” she cried. “I know it’s coming from there, but it sounds like it’s coming from over there… and from over there and there too!”

“Yes” replied Colin, “the music is coming from these two speakers and the sound is bouncing off the walls, so it sounds like it’s all around us. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?!”

Jessica and Colin stood there until the record finished.

“Do you have any more?” asked Jessica.

“Actually, I have a few – and some are a little more lively than that! Let’s get the others, we could have a party!”

Jessica scampered off to tell all in the burrow at a speed that impressed Colin.  He hoped that he could get enough party food together, so he headed off to the kitchen to start getting the drinks and food ready.

Soon the main room of the burrow was filled.  In one corner were the drinks and nibbles and in the other….

“Colin has an amazing gadget called a Record Player” explained Jessica.  “It makes music come out of the walls!!!”

“Oooooh!” exclaimed all the rabbits.

On that introduction, Colin picked out a record, set it up and it started to play.  Everyone just stood there, amazed as the sound filled the burrow.  It sounded like it came from everywhere at once!  When the record finished, all the rabbits wanted to hear another…

And as each record ended, Colin put another record on – each faster in tempo and beat than the previous.  Eventually, the rabbits started to tap their feet, sway with the music before they got the idea and started to dance in time to the music.

2016-07-16 07.25.19

“I know” said Roger, “It’s all very good, but it could be much better if it was louder!”  He looked at the player and twiddled the dial marked Volume and everything got much louder.  It was as if the walls started to move as the beat thud, thud, thudded from them.

2016-07-16 07.27.38

“Uh Oh” said Jessica, as she felt something land on her shoulder.

Uh Oh was right.  The ceiling started to shudder, before it went KERRASH! and fell to the ground.  But it wasn’t just mud and sticks – there was something else too.

“My carrots!!!” shouted Roger. “MY CARROTS!!!”

2016-07-16 07.33.11

Well the place was upside down in an instant. Rabbits came from every which way – even from the burrows next door – each with the intention of getting their paws on some of the carrot yummi-ness that now littered the floor.  Roger did his best, but it was no good… it was now for everyone.  His friend Peter was especially keen in getting and eating as many as he could.

“Oh well” said Roger, “I was saving these for a special occasion – or for a few special occasions – but it would seem that now is one of those times.”

“Well that’s very generous of you” said Colin. “After all, you wouldn’t have been able to keep them all after you’d shown them off to everyone.  But now we will need to fix the ceiling to this room.  Everyone that’s here will help – after all, you’ve all had some of Roger’s carrots.”

“That’s fine” said Peter, laying on the floor “but I won’t be able to do a thing for a few minutes.  I may have eaten one too many of the carrots.”

2016-07-16 07.35.09



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