It’s got extra Megapixels! (all)

I upgraded my phone early last week.  There were a few reasons that triggered this (and Pokemon Go may or may not have been an inclusion in that list 🙂 ) but it was apparent that one of the mobile phones in the family was no longer up to the job that it was needed for.

To be fair, this is now the “problem” with mobile phones – developers are getting better and better at making that mobile device the panacea for First World life that its technological advancements drive change almost faster than current phone contracts.  And if I was to offer a small whinge, it would be this – why do so many phone contracts limit / cap data usage??

Anyway, credit to O2 in that they made it very easy for me to upgrade early and get the new phone – a Samsung S7 Edge.  Yes, I went for the very sexy curved edge screen (even though I still can’t see that many benefits for it) – but given that the main use I have for my mobile phones is the camera functionality I was really impressed with the difference:

The image on the left is from the “old” S5; the right is the new image.  My first observation was that Standard ratio – and as many of my images end up on Instagram this wider image is much better for framing.

The second observation was how good the fill light was.  Our living room is not a bright room, it is always a little darker and a little cooler than the other rooms in the house, so the fact that the new phone countered that without having Mr Fat Fingers attempt to adjust anything was really cool.

I know that there’s still much to explore on this phone, but as a start I am really impressed with the camera… and that I now have a mobile phone with twice the megapixels of my DSLR in a fraction of the size is just incredible.

Oh, and yes, the new phone does play Pokemon Go.  As did the S5 – but, hey, megapixels baby!


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