The Best Picture in the Burrow (Short Story: 663 words)(all)

2016-07-02 07.32.32

“It’s quite dark in here” said Jessica. “Even when the sun is high up, the tunnel from the entrance is always dark.  I know that Rory isn’t a scary monster, but I’m still scared and  worry until I’m in one of the rooms.”

“What do you suggest then?” asked Colin.

“Well, we could put mirrors in the hall, that would reflect the light.”

“True” replied Colin, “but remember that some of the older rabbits have trouble with their eyesight – they might think it’s a way out!”

They sat there for a moment, picturing old rabbits running straight into mirrors.  They’d probably apologise to themselves in the mirrors too.  Then Colin held up a paw.

“What about a painting competition? We could hang the pictures in frames so the older rabbits wouldn’t get confused, and if the paintings are bright enough they will reflect some light – it will make the hallway look nice too!”

Jessica thought that was a brilliant idea and scampered off down to see Roger, where she told him about the competition.  Roger also thought it was a great idea.

2016-07-02 07.33.22

“Can I take part too?” asked Rory the Monster.  Roger quickly responded,

“Let’s make it Rory and me and you and….?”

“Fiona – my friend from the other burrow!”

So Jessica, Rory and Roger went back to Colin and they agreed the competition. Colin made the frames for the rabbits and handed them over along with paints and paper.  Jessica and Fiona then set to.

2016-07-02 07.34.04

Roger and Rory however, had a different plan.  They hung a large sheet on the wall and fixed a sign that said “Keep Out. Secrt” on it.

2016-07-02 07.34.27

“It’s supposed to say ‘Secret’ ” explained Roger to Rory. “But I ran out of space.”

“Don’t worry” replied Rory. “I’ll use my Monster Powers to listen out for anyone coming.”

For the next day, the three bunnies and Rory worked hard until it was finally time for unveiling. Roger suggested that Jessica and Fiona went first – so he knew what he would have to beat.

Jessica took the small sheet off her picture.

2016-07-02 07.35.47

“It’s my view of the world – I thought it would work like a window frame.  See, we even included a small spider!”

Colin looked very carefully at the picture.

“It is lovely Jessica and Fiona.  You worked very hard on this and I like the results.  In fact, I think we will keep this picture on the wall as it is – if that’s okay with you Fiona; I know that you live in the other burrow.”

Before Fiona could speak, Jessica interrupted, saying

“Actually, we made two – so there’s another one hanging up in their burrow as well!”

Fiona nodded and Colin smiled.

“That’s good use of time” he said “and it’s good to know that we’ve helped elsewhere.  Well done, you too.  Now, let’s see Roger and Rory’s picture.”

The two unveiled their picture.  Everyone was astounded.  Roger spoke.

“It’s the view outside.”

“I can see that” said Colin.  “It’s very good – very realistic.  And you did this?”

“Yes, we both worked hard at it.”

“It’s very detailed – I didn’t realise you were such an artist!”

2016-07-02 07.36.56 - Copy - Copy

Jessica walked away with Fiona.  It was a very good picture, and much better than hers…

Inside the burrow, everyone was looking at the picture.  Roger had warned them about getting too close as some of the paint hadn’t dried, when..

2016-07-02 07.36.56 - Copy

“Why is there a hole in the wall?” asked Jessica.

“I think we all know why” replied Colin.  Roger’s cheeks blushed.  “What have you got to say for yourself?”

Before Roger could speak, one of the old rabbits spoke.

“It reminds me of a time, not so long ago” he said, “when a small rabbit called Colin did something similar.  So whilst we all go for dinner, Roger Rory AND Colin can patch up the wall.  But well done everyone, I did like the pictures.”

Jessica peered through the picture.

“Well, at least it lets light into the hallway.”



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