The Biggest Carrot in the World! (short story: 808 words)(all)

2016-06-24 16.29.52

Roger ran into the room.  Jessica was laying on the floor, reading her book and Roger nearly stood on her.

“Jessica! Come and see what I’ve found!”

“What is it, Roger?”

“It’s the biggest carrot in the world!”

Jessica looked up. Roger was clearly excited about this find and she knew that there would be no peace in the burrow if she didn’t go with him.  So she put the book down and followed him out. He led her down the field, through a couple of hedges to the corner of a very green field.  In the corner stood one plant, well away from all the others.  The leaves and stalks stood high and proud and where much bigger than the rabbits.

“See!?” said Roger. “It’s the biggest carrot in the world and it’s all mine!”

Jessica looked.  It did resemble the top of a carrot and if there was a carrot attached underneath then Roger’s claim would certainly be true. But…

2016-06-24 16.09.52

“Roger, are you sure it’s a carrot? Has one of the older rabbits just made fun of you?”

Roger looked at Jessica. He wanted to believe that he had found the biggest carrot in the world – it was huge – but that little doubt started to creep in.  Jessica saw his face and knew what was going on in his mind, so quickly added,

“Let’s get Colin to have a look.  He’ll know. And if it is the biggest carrot in the world, we will need his help to get it out, won’t we?”

Roger agreed.  That would seem to be the best approach and he hadn’t really thought about how he would get the carrot out of the ground.  So they went back and found Colin.

“Colin” said Jessica “Roger has found the biggest carrot in the world and we need your help.”

Colin looked at Roger and Jessica.  Were they playing a joke on him?  He decided that he had time to play along.

“Where is this carrot?” he asked.  Jessica quickly responded

“Down the field, through a couple of hedges and it’s at the end of a very green field”.

Colin thought about it.  It wasn’t anywhere he was familiar with, so he decided it was worth checking out.

“Show me” he said.  The three rabbits then left the burrow.

2016-06-24 16.11.15

Colin looked at the leaves sticking out of the ground.  He wasn’t sure what it actually was, but he knew it wasn’t a carrot.  But rather than just tell Roger directly, he said,

“Have you checked that there is a carrot under this?”

Roger said no, he hadn’t.  Colin then suggested

“We’ll wait here whilst you check; if it is the biggest carrot in the world, then we’re going to need to help you dig it out!”
2016-06-24 16.12.09

So Roger started to dig.  His paws dug and dug until he made his way to where there carrot should be, but there was nothing there!

“Perhaps it isn’t going downward” said Colin. “Some plants will grow at funny angles if something got in their way.”

So Roger started to dig down again, this time from another spot a little way round the carrot.

2016-06-24 16.12.44

As his back legs disappeared into the ground, Jessica quietly asked Colin,

“Do you think it’s a carrot?”

Colin thought for a moment and replied with a smile,

“It doesn’t really matter what I think it is; if Roger does find the biggest carrot in the world how brilliant will that be!?”

Roger’s head appeared once more.

“Do you think it may have gone off in another direction?” he asked.

“Possibly” replied Colin, “Try digging over there.”

“Are you going to help?” asked Roger. “I’m sure we’ll find out quicker if we all help.”

“You are right, Roger” said Colin. “But I think you should find it first.”

Roger smiled and agreed.  Finding the biggest carrot in the world would be a brilliant thing to be able to say he did.  So, he found another spot and started digging again.

The oddest thing happened.  Suddenly, Roger’s head appeared out of another hole!

“Weren’t you digging over there?” asked Jessica.

“Yes” replied Roger “I seemed to have joined up the tunnels!”  He climbed out and walked over to Jessica and Colin.

2016-06-24 16.13.50

“You were both right” he said, a little sadly. “It isn’t the biggest carrot in the world after all.”

“That’s true” said Colin.  “But what you have now found is the most impressive first burrow that any one rabbit has built for themselves!”

Roger looked. He realised that there were now a number of entrances, exits and underneath the leaves he knew that many now joined up!  He had built a burrow!  He and Jessica (with help from Colin) made the tunnels better and stronger, before Colin said

“We had better be going back now; it must be time for tea.  Carrot, anyone?”


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