The Tale of Two Carrots (Childrens Short Story) (487 words)

2016-06-04 08.57.14

“It’s a lovely day” said Colin. “Come on Jessica and Roger, let’s have a picnic!”

Roger liked the idea of the picnic.  It was a lovely sunny day and he did like it when the sun warmed his fur.  Jessica also liked the idea of getting out in the sun.

“I’ll sort everything out for the picnic” said Colin. “You get yourselves ready.”

Very quickly, the three rabbits left the burrow and headed out into the sunshine.  Colin found a lovely spot where they could sit and watch the farmer work in the field next door, picking more carrots to go to the shops.  They liked to watch the farmer pick the carrots -his machine picked most of them, but there was always a few that the machine either missed or damaged.  Then there were the carrots that didn’t meet the proper shape and size – these were thrown away too.

2016-06-04 08.46.59

Colin spread out the red and white blanket and placed the picnic hamper on top.  He reached into the hamper and pulled out three plates; one  with the name “Roger” on it, one with the name “Jessica” on it and the last with “Colin”.

2016-06-04 08.49.38

Roger and Jessica smiled and sat by their plates.  Colin then pulled out four carrots and put them on the plates.

2016-06-04 08.50.11

“Yummy!” said Roger.  Jessica, however, didn’t smile.

“That’s not fair” she said “Roger has more than me! He has two big carrots and I only have two small carrots!”

Colin smiled, and swapped the plates round.

2016-06-04 08.50.34

“How’s that?” asked Colin.

“Yummy!” said Roger. “I’ve got carrots!”

Jessica still wasn’t entirely happy.  “Well I certainly have done better, it still doesn’t seem fair.  I’ve got the two big carrots now, but Roger only has the two smaller carrots. And” she added, “Roger has my plate.”

“What do you suggest then?” asked Colin.

“Why don’t we have one big and one small carrot each?  We will then have the same amount!”

Colin swapped the carrots.  “Like that?” he asked.

2016-06-04 08.51.14

“Much better” said Jessica.

“Can I eat my carrots now?” asked Roger. “I’m getting quite hungry!”

Colin reached into the hamper and pulled out one more carrot.  It was another big carrot.

2016-06-04 08.51.45

“Oh dear” said Jessica “I don’t know how we could split that one between us.  One end is big and fat and the other is small and narrow.”

“scoff scoff I know” said Roger. “Colin can eat it – his plate is empty!”

“Thank you Roger!” smiled Colin.

Very soon all the carrots were eaten.  The rabbits sat back and let their lunch settle whilst the sunny day warmed their fur.

“That was a lovely idea” said Jessica. “Thank you Colin.”

“Yes, thank you Colin” agreed Roger.



Follow up challenge for readers:

2016-06-05 16.52.08

In the story, Colin had one big carrot; Jessica and Roger had one big carrot and one small carrot.  How could you share the carrots so that everyone had an equal amount?


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