Trikky and Foomi (all)

2016-05-29 12.05.36

A while back I bought two “DIY” vinyl toys.  For those who have not heard the term, these are unprinted figures allowing the owner to decorate them any which way they feel.  There are some wonderful examples out there of colour work on these figures – but if nothing else they are a fun distraction.

The Trikky and Foomi range come in a number of colours – by chance I now have a white pair to go with (what was) a yellow pair (being blind boxed meant I had no idea what colour I would get.

Armed with Sharpy marker pens, I set to. I wanted to let some of the yellow show through, so decided that a Britto-style may be more appropriate.  After working with Foomi on this, I made a small change of direction for Trikky.

In truth, I think I prefer the results for Trikky than Foomi – although both are quite fun looking results.  I think it also helped that the figures come with stickers to help do the eyes!



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