Fun in the Park (a Lego set review)(all)


One of the largest pieces of “news” to hit my Lego feed this year was the announcement of this Lego set – and as usual I managed to get hold of it through a reseller (Amazon) a full week before the official LEGO release (beginning of June). It does confuse me a little that the official supplier (i.e. LEGO) are always behind the releases of their own products – surely by being first the AFOLS, TFOLs, CFOLs (Adult / Teen / Child Friends of LEGO) will happily throw their money at LEGO rather than elsewhere and so profits are immediately bounced by new products?  Anyway, that’s LEGOs marketing model.  Perhaps with the new store coming to London they might consider this – especially as it may take footfall traffic from the two Westfields at the end of the Central Line.

Anyway, the set.  This isn’t a complex or challenging set.  It is perfect for anyone creating their city  build as there are a number of people (but little else).  But it’s what is in the set that is the win.  LEGO have introduced a new minifigure, a new accessory and acknowledged that some people require a wheelchair.

2016-05-28 10.44.46

Yes – we now have a wheelchair in the LEGO city.  Quite how that will pan out with future modular buildings will be interesting to see.

The new minifigure is a baby, complete with pram.  I liked the fact that the head is to scale too – which in itself is a new piece.

Finally the accessory is the hot dog bun.  It’s a shame that LEGO decided to only include one bun in the set (as they had more than one dog to cook) but I can see people buying those through LEG directly.

2016-05-28 10.44.09

There is also a football, a small goal, and a mower (because that’s what you take down the park, right?) and a bus stop sign – so as I said, it’s great for adding to an existing set – but it will be interesting to see how the special accessories will be used.


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