Rollin’ in my 5.0 (set review 75871 Ford Mustang GT) (all)

2016-05-22 08.35.41

I can understand if you didn’t get the reference – it was a line from the eloquent Mr Vanilla Ice from his 1991 song “Ice Ice Baby” (and later from the song of the same name). LEGO has just released the new range of Speed Champions and this time there are a few iconic American muscle cars in the lineup, some of which (such as the Chevrolet Camaro) are bundled up (so in set 75874 you get a modern version and the 1969 version).

The result, like previous models, have been good… BUT.

2016-05-22 08.36.27

I say “but” because of what is probably every LEGO builders frustration – that of the sticker set and given that this isn’t exactly a big car the sticker sheet is quite large:

2016-05-22 07.47.32

2016-05-22 08.04.57-1

and to the point that a penknife (to remove wonky stickers) and a pair of tweezers are required.  Given that the age range is 7-14 I can only assume that there are some very wonky looking cars out there.

2016-05-22 08.21.05


Peeve aside, the build is good and the resulting vehicle is very solid.  Again, as with previous models, the car does look squished in one direction and perhaps stretched in the other, but this could be a limitation of the available parts.

There’s not a lot more I can add as far as a review on a single model.  The instructions are good and some of the stickers line up well.  It’s a shame that (again) it’s a single seater version (but that seems to be the LEGO go to design) and I suspect that the build wasn’t tested using someone aged between 7 and 14, but if you like your muscle cars it’s a nice addition to any model collection you might have.




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