My Mini Me (all)

On another blog that I read, , there was an article about what we might take with us when on holidays – specifically around toy photography. I know that I have shared on this blog what my usual parts are – I shoot mostly using my phone (Samsung S5) and carry a few Lego figures with me:

2016-04-21 09.46.02

What I discovered though was that in order to photograph the figures I had to make time to take the shots.  I was fortunate that on my recent holiday I was able to get to Legoland in Florida (not so fortunate for Mrs Frog who was unwell and had to stay in bed.  At least, that’s what she said).

That tin is probably the most useful part – I glued a base plate to the back, so it can double as a stand for those moments when it is just too complex to try and take the photo from the ground.

What I did discover though is that whilst macro photography is much easier, actually photographing the figures in front of something is much, much harder – I took several images where I thought I’d taken the same image – one in closeup, one on the background – only to find that something had moved and my plan to overlay the close up with the background just became a half hour waste of effort.  in many cases, it was looking like if I wanted something to happen I would be better of creating the image in “perfect” conditions – that is, using a clean background and a clean figure image and overlaying the two.

But I did get  couple of nice images, so that was nice.

2016-04-17 10.03.092016-04-17 15.14.502016-04-22 19.46.35


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