Meeting your heroes (all)

There is a strange thing about Disney – for me at least.  On entering the park for the first time, you wonder why there is such a long line for people queuing to have their picture taken with a character – and it’s not just small children in push chairs either.

2016-04-27 13.56.17

After a few days though, you start to mellow, and then start to wait to get the better pictures….

2016-04-15 16.15.162016-04-20 15.01.512016-04-27 12.35.20

If you’re lucky, you get to catch the eye of the character – and you KNOW they waved at you…

2016-04-19 08.32.40

And then you start to hope that you will see another and that they too will wave at you – and you become actually disappointed when a character walks off, just as you try to get their picture (yes, Woody Woodpecker, I’m talking to you).

One thing you can arrange is a character meal – you eat whilst a character comes round.  Many years ago (just worked it out… more than 10) Mrs Frog and I took a cruise.  The dinner was a lovely affair, except that just after they had served the main course, everyone was expected to stop conversations and join in with some form of entertainment – which was REALLY annoying, being asked to do “The Macarena” whilst the steak got cold.

But this is Disney.  By chance we booked a restaurant and found that Pluto and Dale (from Chip ‘n Dale) were doing the rounds.  I took a picture in the event that this was a chance event, but NO.. Oh No… Disney Magic wand time!  Not only was Pluto and Dale doing the rounds and so was Mickey!!!  A definite SQUEEEEEE moment!

2016-04-19 18.54.242016-04-19 18.57.332016-04-19 19.27.28

The REALLY cool Disney Magic was this though… you remember that picture I showed where Mickey waved at me?  That was in the morning… and we met Mickey again in the evening!!!  Now that’s magic!



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