Just walking the dog (all)

2016-03-21 08.23.27

One of the things I like about social media is that it enables you to see all kinds of build ideas that other AFOLs, TFOLs and CFOLs (Adult/Teen/Child Friend Of Lego) have had – and in some cases you think “hey that’s really cool, I want to make one of them”.

The treadmill in the above picture is one good example.  A while back I built a treadmill, but used flat tiles to make the running track – but the example above uses technic parts to provide a treadmill track that curves each end.  Now because I was working from an image not unlike that one  I can’t be certain if I made an exact copy or my own version – and that’s fine too.  What I will say is that use of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) and technic connectors make the whole build quite robust.



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