Angry Birds Lego (all)

Apparently, there’s an Angry Birds movie coming out. The sheer mind boggleness of turning a mobile phone based game into a movie is frankly beyond me… but hey, Alice in Wonderland had playing card guards, so I guess it isn’t a new thing.

What is a new thing though is that Lego have already got the license to make tie in toy products (even though there is an irony in the fact that the clutch power of Lego should make it hard for flying birds to break…).  However I bought a set and it was quite a fun build – what I really liked about this one was the Biker Pig (a hog on a hog, if you will 🙂 )

2016-03-12 08.46.372016-03-12 08.46.51

I really liked the handlebar ‘tache and mirrored glasses, but it was the back print that was really cool.  But there was an additional build in the set, which I thought was really fun – although there were stickers….

2016-03-12 08.46.19


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