404 art not found (all)

2016-03-01 20.28.19

I don’t know if this has been done before, and frankly don’t really care.  My inspiration was from a conversation I had with a work colleague who was telling me about a Banksy near to my London hotel.  After a quick Google (other search engines are available) I found the location of my possible nearest and so I headed off that evening.  So it was a 2-mile walk to get there – I was going to see a Banksy.  I got to the BT Tower and checked – I was where I should be so started to look… except the building I was looking for was shrouded with painted chipboard and the words “Demolition” plastered on it.  After double checking I was exactly in the right place… just the building wasn’t.  Harrumph.


2016-03-01 18.02.57

But I had seen the BT Tower – and from a much, much closer angle; the irony of which did not escape me – you see, when it was created in 1964 the site was designated an official secret and did not appear on maps until 1993!  In fact in 1978 a journalist was tried and the judge presiding ordered that the site could only be referred to as “Location 23”!



3 thoughts on “404 art not found (all)

  1. I’m sure I went up this many years ago. I wasn’t aware it was a state secret though, we used to call it the GPO Tower. 🙂 Mind you, I went up Tower 42 for an interview many years ago when it was the Natwest Tower…

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