Some non-Lego (all)

2016-01-24 12.20.38

Last weekend, I visited a toy shop to wander the aisles.  A few years ago I would have avoided any interlocking-brick construction toys other than Lego, but with Lego themselves outsourcing some of their production to China and the rise in decent custom/non-Lego toys I’ve become a little more relaxed about that.  I saw a cheap set by a company called Oxford and I was more than a little drawn to a couple of key features.

The main building featured a number of single stud bricks (Lego has to my knowledge only released the “brick” bricks as 2×1 format).  Additionally, there was a nice range of military accessories (again, something that Lego don’t do).  But there was one major bonus I wanted to know more about.

Bending knees.

2016-01-24 12.21.52

Lego legs are just hinged at the hip (if you use the ‘full size’ leg – the child legs aren’t hinged at all), but these have a knee bend and it makes them much more flexible.


Getting the set home, the build was ok, but some of the tolerances were a little loose.  The minifigure arms were a little loose too and sadly the legs don’t work with standard Lego torsos.  However, the heads do, so it isn’t a total loss!


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