It’s of great cultural importance! (all)

Statement: It’s of great cultural importance.

Translation: We can make a lot of money from it.

2016-01-10 08.48.45

I watched a Sky Arts programme the other night on the artist Banksy and his month long stint in New York.  Each morning he would post a clue to where one of his art pieces were and everyone would flock to see it.  Typically one of four things would then happen:

  1. Another street artist would paint over it
  2. the property owner would paint over it
  3. A group of individuals would look to remove it
  4. a group of individuals would look to protect it – either by covering it with plexi glass or by charging people to take pictures of it.

Out of all of them, the one that jarred was the third – especially when they followed the gallery owners who tried to justify that this art was of cultural importance.  I have nothing against identifying what is or is not “important” but that the statement itself was wholly hypocritical as it was merely advertising to sell said piece for a large amount of money – when how they came by that art was at best dubious as no effort was made to identify who the actual owner could be, just that a group of individuals nicked it and then handed it over.

2016-01-10 08.50.01

2016-01-10 08.49.10

2016-01-10 08.49.01

2016-01-10 08.51.17




One thought on “It’s of great cultural importance! (all)

  1. I recorded this ages ago but haven’t got around to watching it yet. I remember when Banksy did his NYC thing & following it daily on his website. This sort of thing has happened a fair but in the UK as well. Remember the ‘GCHQ phone box” one? What is a bit ironic (to me at least) is that, unlike most works of art, it’s difficult to prove provenance for a Banksy.

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