Advent Rush – Day 24 (all)(575 words)

Santa put the last strap across the sleigh.  He produced a large metal tray and a special bottle, and poured some of the liquid into the tray – then walked to each reindeer and offered them a sip, which they drank.  It was a tradition as old as time.

“ho ho ho” said Santa. “Steady on Rudolph, that’s not how we want you to have a shiny nose!”

He checked the reigns and the anchor points – they were all properly fastened.  He smiled, then turned to see all the elves and the minions standing facing him.

“Hurrah for Santa!” they all cried. Santa smiled and held up his hand.

“Elves – minions – once again you have done me proud.  The sleigh is loaded up behind me and I know that you have distributed the other parcels to drop points all round the world to make sure that the reindeer can get to all the boys and girls in the one night.  I did wonder, as I always do, what may give us problems – and apart from the train being derailed we managed it without incident; well done.

“But there is one more tradition that I know you are all waiting for.  No Smee, not the opening of the beer barrel – but Choosing the santa companion.  You know, like I do every year, that I’m not getting any younger and having someone pass me the next present, directing me to the next chimney means that I can better get round to every house.

“This year is going to be different though.  This year we have been fortunate to have been joined by the minions, without whom we may not have got all the presents ready in time.  So instead of picking one companion, I’m picking two.  Whilst Carl, Stuart, Bob and Kevin have been instrumental in helping us with everything, I also noticed that Ringo has been working hard in the workshop – Once Nurgle had shown him what to do he’d made as many toys as some of the elder elves.  So Ringo, you get to join me.”

Everybody clapped.  Ringo was a quiet minion but always very, very hard working.  It was a well-deserved honour.  Santa held up his hand.

“But Ringo, you won’t need the beard!  Carrying on, I think it is fair to say that without Nurgle this year would have been an exceptionally challenging one – introducing new team members, working with a whole new group and making sure that it all worked smoothly.  Nurgle – you get to be the other companion.”

2015-12-22 18.25.44

Nurgle smiled and waved.

“Santa” he said as everyone quietened down, “that really is an honour.  But I’m not a young elf as you know – surely there is another elf that would be more efficient in helping you?”

Santa was about to speak, when a young elf stepped forward.

“Nurgle” said the elf “You deserve this.  We’ve all worked with Ringo and we know how hard he will work.  But without you I’m sure we would all have not worked so well together.  Please, go and enjoy it.  Besides, Santa looks like he’s getting a cold.”

“I am?” asked Santa.

“Yes, you’re always going down the flue!”


Today’s advent presents

From the Minions, we have Ringo.  I like the fact that he has got a festive pair of dungarees!

2015-12-22 18.26.04

From Lego, we have Santa.  To be fair, it was expected and it’s nice enough – but I don’t think there are any changes in the printing from last year.  But hey, it’s christmas.

2015-12-22 18.25.52


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