Advent Rush – Day 21 (all)(549 words)

“Check power.”


“Check harnesses.”

“Secure.  Check.”

“We have Go for launch.  Countdown in three… two… one… And they are away.  Operation Gift is a go.”

The elves and a few very select minions watched the test flight of the sleigh and reindeer as it took to the sky.  The various small computers on board fed back all the information that was needed; balance, trim, air speed, wind resistance – and the tension that Santa’s belt was under (which was Mrs Claus’ insistence after last year’s very embarrassing moment when Santa’s trousers gave way at the seams.  Fortunately it was at the last house before home – but Santa’s knees were still very scratched from the scramble up the chimney).  Through years of practice they had managed to get the test flights down to just a few hours – enough to properly try everything to give enough confidence to everyone that they wouldn’t need to launch Sleigh 2 – or worse, ask the International Space Station to help.

But from the readings they were getting there was no need to panic. Everything was looking good – the reindeer were pulling well together and all systems were functioning as they should – or better.

“Mistletoe this is Control. Time to return.”

“Roger Control, this is Mistletoe.  Get the cones out, we’re circling round to head for the approach. Sky looks good if a little grey; hopefully we will get back before the snow falls.”

“Thank you Mistletoe.  Calling Ground, get the cones out.”

“This is Ground. Understood and out.”

Nurgle set off trudging through the snow.  He started to put the orange cones out – against the snow they stood out clearly.  As he put the last one down – he started to feel something.  The snowflakes were falling.

2015-12-21 16.28.39

Almost instantly it had gone from one or two flakes to a heavy downfall.

“Control this is Ground.  We have a problem.  The snow is falling.”

“Roger Ground.  Mistletoe this is Control – can you hear us?”

“Roger Control I can hear you.  I also heard Ground and they’re right – the snow is making visibility very much reduced.  I was on track and saw the cones, but the snow has made things much harder to see.”

Control sat back – now what?  Shawn was walking by and caught the tail end.

“Would beacons help?” he asked.

“We don’t have bright enough lights” replied Control.

“But if the sleigh can drop any speed, we can light the cones and use flaming torches which might help.”

Control thought.

“Well, it’s worth a try.  Go set it up.”

Shawn rushed out of the room – on the way he started to just pick elves to join him.

“Mistletoe this is Control.  Can you drop any air speed?  Shawn is setting something up.”

“This is Mistletoe. We’ll scrub what airspeed we can – but we have to be careful that we don’t get close to any built up areas; we don’t want any early sightings reported.”

“Roger that and thank you Mistletoe.”

Outside, Shawn has got the fires burning.  The elves used everything that they could find – including wrapping crowbars with rags. They’d even felled a tree to try and give a landing arrow.

2015-12-21 16.31.05

“Mistletoe this is Ground.  Hopefully you can see the beacons now.”

“Yes, yes I can Ground.  Heading in  to land now – thank you Shawn.”

2015-12-21 16.31.22

Today’s advent presents:

Today was a bit of lateral thinking – from the Lego City calendar we had what I think (from the box) were marshmallows on sticks with a small fire to cook them on.  But for me, with a small amendment, they made excellent flaming torches!

From Minions we got the tree. As can be seen it was a bit of flat one compared to the Lego trees, but makes for an excellent ground arrow!





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