Advent Rush – Day 20 (all)(802 words)

Shawn finished reading Billy’s letter. “A Megatron 2000” he said to the elf by his side, “That sounds like something fun.”

“Yes” replied the elf. “The Megatron 500 was pretty cool too, but we couldn’t quite get it to work right – we had to make a lot of children not as happy as we would have liked.  But I think we’re getting close.”

“Show me” said Shawn.

The elf produced the plans, instructions and guides and between the elf, Nurgle and Shawn they managed to identify, isolate and resolve the problems. Then they started to build, beginning with a working version of the Megatron 500.

2015-12-19 06.24.35

“That’s cool” said Shawn. “I’d be really chuffed to get that!”

“Oh, this is the full size model” said the elf. “After we’ve got this working we pass it to the miniature elves and they work on making this the proper size for a toy.”

“So – let’s add and make the 2000!”

Very soon, the Megatron 2000 loomed over them. Shawn was quite pleased that this would be shrunk down – he couldn’t think of a single house that would be able to easily accommodate one of these at full size!

2015-12-19 06.26.50

“So how does it get shrunk?” Shawn asked.  Nurgle spoke.

“Well, we used to then send this away to another team who would then spend months making everything again but much, much smaller.  In fact we still use them – dolls houses and model railways in particular – but the Minions brought a Shrink Ray gun and we tinkered with it to make the shrink permanent.  He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a very small gun shaped object.

“Is that it?” asked Shawn.

“Yes” replied Nurgle. “It was much bigger originally, but we accidently fired it at a mirror – rather than shrink the mirror it shrunk the gun.”

“What about the elf holding the gun?”

“ah – yes.  Well there’s a bright side to that – he took up the piano.”

“What would you do with a 12-inch pianist?” asked Shawn.

“Mrs Claus always seems happy with him; I think he plays her favourite tunes.”

“Well, before you shrink the Megatron, I just wonder if … hang on.. .yes, I can make myself a robot!!”

2015-12-19 06.26.03

Nurgle looked at Shawn, walking in the robots legs.  Nurgle looked at the elf.

“Make that as well – we could have a range of wearable accessories so that children could BE the robot!”

They watched as Shawn lumbered around the room, then trip and crash to the ground.

“Of course, we might need to shorten the legs a bit.”


Outside, the snowguards stood watch.

“Not sure what we’re looking out for” said one. “After all, the only thing we’ve heard about was that policeman – and he came up the railway track.”

“Quite right” said the second. “Of course, it’s not like we can actually do anything.”

“And it’s cold.”

“I know” said the first “even my snowballs have fallen off.”

There was a snuffling sound behind them.

“Excuse me gentlemen” said the Moose. “I’m looking for my sister.”

“What does she look like?” asked the snowman.

“Well, I guess she looks a lot like me… except she’s a girl.”

“Does she have a name?”

“Yes, it’s Strawberry.”

“Strawberry moose?”

“Yes – nothing wrong with that, is there?”

“No, no not at all.  But sorry, we’ve not seen her.  But if we do, we’ll tell her that you’re looking for her.  What’s your name, so we can tell her?”

“Thanks.  My name’s Chocolate.”

2015-12-19 06.33.44

Today’s advent presents.

Well, I admit that this is pretty much a fail for “embedding the presents into the story” – but I couldn’t work out how I could have included these two into the story – especially when I had already started to pull the Megatron  2000 into reality.

From the Minions we have the moose – I think the head is too pointy to be a reindeer.  A nice enough build.

From Lego we have the snowman.  I now have a few of these – and apart from a few small tweaks – using the branch parts rather than a stick – it’s pretty much a stock part.  Given the Collectible series, I’m a little disappointed that we haven’t had an “exclusive” figure – a “Snowman costume guy” would be brilliant!


So front and centre to the story is the Megatron 2000.  I was particularly keen to include this figure into the story – especially as it’s taken nearly two years to do so!  It is one part of the Mechabrick board game set that came onto the market in the last month – originally it was a Kickstarter project.  With all kinds of production, business and other challenges it did look at one point like these were not going to be made – but they have been and it’s nice to be able to use them.  I put an article up the other day about them.




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