Advent Rush – Day 19 (all)(566 words)

“Come on everyone” said Shawn. “We’re five days away and I don’t think we’ve found that one present that’s going to be the big Christmas thing!”

The elves scratched their heads.  They picked their noses.  They went to pick each others noses too – but that just was too icky, even for elves.

“We could read the next batch of letters” said Furgle (who just happened to be Nurgle’s brother).  He passed an envelope to Shawn.

2015-12-18 16.51.32

Shawn opened it and read the letter.

2015-12-18 16.51.59

Dear Santa” it said. “Please can I have world peace and a pony (a nice one). Love from me.  xx

“Oh dear” said Shawn “this is another one of those letters that we’re going to have to adjust. Next!”

There was the sounds of people NOT working hard in the next room.  In fact the noises seemed to indicate that not only were people NOT working hard in the next room, but they really weren’t working hard AT ALL. If at all.  Shawn knew instantly that in that next room would almost certainly be at least one minion, probably three and that one of those minions would either be Bob, Kevin or Stuart.  Shawn walked up quietly to the door.  He readied himself, then threw open the door and with the loudest voice he shouted


Silence. Absolute, pin-dropping silence.  Then…


Instantly the minions started to giggle.  Quietly, stifled, but then…


the giggles started.


Shawn looked around the room.  Kevin was trying hard to look innocent, but the green smoke around him would indicate that he was somehow responsible…

“What have you got there?” asked Shawn.

“THE present” said Kevin.  He then produced what looked like a blue megaphone.  He pressed the trigger on the handle.


2015-12-18 16.53.05

“Good Grief!” said Shawn, trying hard to stifle his giggles. “That smells so eggy!!”

For the next five minutes, all that could be heard from the room was giggles and ‘noises’.

“I think we’ve found the boys present” said Shawn.

Back near the village, Emily was at the petting centre.  Because it was getting close to Christmas,  the petting centre always showcased their donkeys and baby reindeer and Emily loved to visit them.  She had spoken to the keepers many times about what the Donkeys and the Reindeer could eat, and she had made some special cakes for them.

2015-12-18 16.53.33

“Eat up” said Emily. “One day you’ll have to pull Santa’s sleigh!”

Just out of sight, in the background, two elves were watching.  They had been tasked to see if they could establish what the children had wanted for christmas.  They watched Emily carefully.

2015-12-18 16.54.10

“I think I’ve got it” said one.

“Well, I’m not sure I want it. You touched it. You probably licked it too.”

“No, not that… that’s my cream cake. No, I think I know what one of the presents are.”

“Great – let’s go then. I don’t like the way that Donkey is looking at me.”


Today’s advent presents:

From the minions we have the Fart gun!  Yay! I’m sure it’s because I haven’t got one, but every time I go into the toy shop I can’t help but press the button on that!

2015-12-18 16.54.27

From Lego we have Emily.  Emily comes with two pink and brown cakes and two MP3 players (in pink).  Emily is a nice enough figure, but I’m  not sure about those MP3 players.

2015-12-18 16.54.44






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