Mechabrick (all)

A long while back, I helped to fund a Kickstarter campaign that I had seen at a LEGO show.  The campaign was for a board-based game that used Lego-compatible parts.  It involved fighting robots – and looked very, very exciting.

Unfortunately, the company had more than just a few setbacks – and worryingly the deadline for the “get my money back” also passed. but there were updates about progress until eventually the campaign became a reality.

I wasn’t really worried about the full game – I’m not really a gamer and tend to just play with LEGO on my own, so the full option wasn’t really doing it for me.  However, the bolt on robot parts and the micro figures… well, that’s what sold it for me.

Yes, the micro figures.  Earlier this year I took a Sharpie to the LEGO trophy figures – suddenly I had a LEGO figure that a LEGO figure could play with.  But these figures allow me to build Micro scale buildings AND have people.  Being white in colour they add a sense of Architecture to the whole thing.

2015-12-18 16.23.37

So onto the robots themselves.  I’d bought into getting three robots – and decided that Black, White and Red were the best colours.  In my packets I had everything I needed to build a complete robot… here’s the black one…

2015-12-18 16.21.54

Because these are compatible, you effectively build a minifigure then bolt on legs and padding – without the legs though the figure does look like the dwarf toy soldier from Blade Runner…

2015-12-18 16.22.18

So, I decided to see how integrated I could make the figure.  I took a standard Lego figure and the white robot…

…and started to share parts.  I took the shoulder pads off, and the arms from my Lego figure and put on the Mech-arms.

2015-12-18 16.29.57

When I added the body armour I discovered that the new Space helmets didn’t fit any more, but the older motorcycle helmets did.  Just for reference, I found that the LEGO arms fitted onto the mech torso!

2015-12-18 16.32.35

Finally, we added the legs and the transformation was complete.

2015-12-18 16.34.22

RoboKnight was here!  What I do thing is cool is how the Legs work – and the more I look at the parts that make up the figures the more I appreciate the clever design – such as the hydraulics in the leg parts!

I’ve also got a few extra things which I think are weapons, but for now I think I’ll play with these figures!!


Mechabrick is now available through a number of retailers, including, and – and more will be coming online soon.

for more information, go to


One thought on “Mechabrick (all)

  1. These are really cool David! Shawn has pretty well made his way through all of the Lego robots and we are now onto Star Wars stuff. I’ll hhave a look at these. Maybe they’ll be next year’s big thing!

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