Advent Rush – Day 17 (all)(514 words)

Officer Mike was good to his word.  After leaving Shawn he went back to the Police station and started to sift through the various files, folders,emails, pictures and social media accounts to find out whatever he could. But even after five hours (and a few cups of coffee) Mike was no clearer about the person that supposedly lived in that peculiar house as he was about who owned the land or whether it was for residency, business or factory use. He decided he needed to head out again.

This time though he decided to use the snowmobile – besides, it needed a run. He kicked the starter over and it reared into life; Mike jumped on and off it sped. He decided to use his tablet computer as a sat nav, but as he entered the forest the tablet started to lose it’s position and very soon Mike thought he was lost.  Then he saw a small boy and what looked like a sign post.

2015-12-16 17.51.41

“Is that a direction arrow?” he asked.  The boy nodded.

“Pointing me to Santa?” he followed with.  Again, the boy nodded.

“Thank you” said Mike and shot off.  The elf gave a little giggle, then turned the post round to point in the other direction.

2015-12-16 17.52.01

What Mike didn’t know was the route that he was now taking was littered with rocks.  Very soon the snowmobile crashed.  Although unhurt, Mike immediately realised that he was lost, no transport and no idea how long it would take him to get back – even if he walked in the right direction.  He decided to make a small fire and allow the tablet computer time to work out where it was from the small gaps in the trees.

What the elf didn’t know was that Shawn had built Santa a SantaCam drone that flew overhead, allowing Santa (or an appointed security elf) to monitor for peculiar behaviour.  As soon as Mike lit his fire, the SantaCam saw it and Santa headed off in Mike’s direction.

“Sheriff Mike!” exclaimed Santa, as he arrived at the crash site. “You’re back quickly.”

“Yes” replied Mike. “I’ve done some homework and I’ve got a list.”

2015-12-16 17.53.01

“Doing lots of homework will do that” replied Santa “But you seem to be able to walk in a straight line to me. Show me your list, let me see what you want to know.”

Santa took the tablet from Sheriff Mike and started to look through the list.

“Yes” he said, “those are questions. You should come back to the house and I’ll answer them for you.”

“thank you – but in case you hadn’t noticed I crashed my snowmobile and … and … hey, it’s not in pieces any more!”

Santa smiled.  “But of course.  Shall we go?”

Disarmed, confused and a little cold, Mike agreed and followed Santa.  once out of sight, the minions appeared and started to walk back to the shop.


Today’s advent toys

From the Minions we have a peculiar candy can stick.

2015-12-16 17.52.01

From Lego we have the snowmobile.  To be honest, I thought both presents were a little underwhelming today.

2015-12-16 17.53.49


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