Advent Rush – Day 16 (All) (608 words)

Mike got the call from the Daily Tail late yesterday afternoon.  He looked at the picture that had been emailed over – that boy seemed familiar, although the picture quality wasn’t good enough to be able to run through the computer.  Besides, Mike was sure that those other things weren’t just balloons – they seemed to be moving.  Whilst most of the time Mike had no time for the Daily Tail – after all, it was that paper that published photos of his summer BBQ where he’d invited the vicar, the headmaster and the town Librarian plus all their families but the timing of two photos made it look like he was making his dog lick the steaks before cooking them.  But this time he wished that the Tail had a decent camera that could have taken a better picture.

2015-12-14 20.39.56

He set off for the rough spot that the camera had taken the photos.  He found the track and could see signs that something had been dragged, scraped around here.  He looked along the track – but couldn’t see anything in either direction.  He flipped a coin and started walking.

Mike didn’t see the SnowmanCam, but his movements were tracked as he got closer.  Just when he was close, Kevin stepped out from the trees.

2015-12-14 20.44.05

“What the heck are you?” asked Mike, clearly shaken by the Minion standing there.

“Kevin” replied Kevin.

Mike saw movement in the trees – and eyes, hundreds of eyes, staring at him.  He reached for his megaphone.

“Everyone, come out where I can see you.  I am Officer Mike, Sheriff of the village and I demand you all show yourselves.”

Kevin held up his hand and index finger, silently saying “ah, you need to be able to talk to us.”  He held out his hand, pointed at the megaphone, turned his palm over.  Give it to me, he signed.

2015-12-14 20.44.37

Without thinking, Mike handed it over.  Kevin threw it to another creature, who immediately opened the side, moved a few wires around, said “Ta Da!” and handed it back to Mike.  Mike held it up and spoke the same words again.  Except what came out was “BB-THRP!-BBTHHTHTH-THRRRRPP!”.  The minions just fell about laughing.

2015-12-14 20.45.10

Sadly, Mike wasn’t feeling in the mood. He immediately put a handcuff on one of the minions.  Before he could close the second, the minion started to cry – and quickly so did all the others.

“Undo the handcuffs, officer Mike” said the voice of a small boy, who then stepped from behind a tree. “They were going to do you no harm – and you and I both know there’s no way you were going to be able to book them.  Kevin, put the megaphone back together – properly.”

2015-12-14 20.47.56

Kevin opened his hands.  Mike passed the megaphone and Kevin played with the insides before handing it back.

“Who are you?” asked Officer Mike.  “Where do I know you from?”
“I’m Shawn” replied Shawn. “I think you gave us a tour round your police station when my foster home arranged a tour about a year ago.”

“Oh… ” said Mike “You’re the one that they couldn’t find!  Have you been living rough this whole time?”

“Not at all” replied Shawn “and I’m really very happy here.  I can’t tell you where, or who I’m staying with, but I’m being looked after.  Perhaps in the new year I’ll come down to the village and explain everything.”

“I’m not happy with this at all” said Mike. “But I think I need to go away and get to grips with what I need to do next.  Don’t go anywhere.”

“Relax” said Shawn “I’m not going anywhere and right now I’ve plenty to do.”

Today’s advent presents:

I’ll go Lego first today – and it’s Officer Mike Clausson.  It’s a Ranger rather than an officer, but I’m not worried about the semantics!!

2015-12-14 20.49.36

From the Minion calendar we have the snowman. At least, I think it’s supposed to be a snowman – part of me thinks it’s a bin for plastic bottles with the round hole that you push the bottle into.

2015-12-14 20.49.26


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