Advent Rush – Day 15 (all)(643 words)

The elf burst into Santa’s house. As an elf, he knew that he wasn’t allowed in here, except when Mrs Claus really needed help – but only when Santa was making that funny sawing noise and being quiet was an absolute.  But this was urgent.  This was important.

“Santa!!” cried the elf “Rudolph has arrived!”

“Well that’s nice” said Santa, “But I’m sure that a polite knock would have been enough.”

“No!” exclaimed the elf, the panic in his voice making his voice higher than it normally was.  Mrs Claus knew she had to calm the elf down – last time one them got this excited the high pitch broke two of her favourite “special occasion emergency” glasses.  Very quickly, she produced a paper bag, sat the elf down and made him breath 24 times into the bag.  They could hear the elf counting as he inhaled and exhaled.

“Let’s try again… calmly.”

“Rudolph has arrived… but he’s fallen off the wagon.”

“Well, it’s probably the pressure to perform every year” said Santa “Not to worry I’m sure we can sort him out before the… that’s not what you meant, is it?  Rudolph’s actually fallen off the train wagon!  Oh, crikey – come on, show me where!”

Santa quickly pulled his boots on and he and the elf climbed aboard the Sleighway.  “I hope this has got super-fast-hyper drive!” said Santa and opened the throttle.  It did – and the elf had to his very best to hang on – whether that was to the edge of the sleighway, the standplate…. or “Get off my trousers!” cried Santa.

Quickly they were at the scene.  The wagon was on its side – one of the wheels had sheared from its axle, but fortunately Shawn and the minions had arrived just moments before and were fixing the axle and the wheel and were just moments away from putting it back on the track, when…

“What’s that in the sky, Shawn?” asked Santa.  “Have you been building again?”

“No” replied Shawn.

Karl reached into his pocket and produced a telescope.  He gave it to Shawn who looked up.

“Oh no!” said Shawn “I can see it’s markings – it’s the Daily Tail’s eye in the sky!”
“What’s that?” asked Santa.

“It’s a radio controlled plane fitted with a camera.  The Daily Tail have been using it recently to fly around and get pictures of the snow – but if they see you, Rudolph and these guys – well, that’s front page news!”

“Hmm” said Santa.  “Time for airbags.”

“What?” asked Shawn.

Santa walked over to the wagon and lifted the taillight.  “Stand back!”

There was a woosh and suddenly two large inflatable Santas filled and fell out the side of the wagon. “Some of you minions fall and roll around on the floor like the inflatable Santas!” he cried.  “Shawn – I’m going to make a break for it – I think the Sleighway has enough power to get me under tree canopy before we’re all seen together.”

“But what about Rudolph?”

“He’s Okay – and I see Bob leading him in the other direction!”

Santa whizzed away. Shawn looked at Rudolph, being led into the trees by Bob, who was brandishing a hot dog.

“Phew, that was close” thought Shawn.

2015-12-14 20.39.56

Back at the Daily Tail, Simon and Trevor were looking at the footage from the model plane.

“Hey what’s that?” asked Trevor.  They rewound and looked again.  There was a small boy who seemed to be playing around a mine train wagon and a number of inflatable objects.  He looked up – and waved, then ran off into the trees.

“That’s unusual” said Simon.  “He reminded me of someone – can’t think who.”

“Well it’s certainly odd to see a small boy that far from the village.”

“Quite.  Perhaps it’s something our Sheriff should check out.”

“Yes, I’ll give him a call – perhaps he can fit it in this week.”


Author’s note:

In the same way I knew a wagon was coming from the advent calendar box, I reckon a policeman can’t be far away.

Today’s advent toys

From the Minion calendar we have the little plane.  Much as I like the design of this one, I think the Lego biplane just beats it.

2015-12-14 20.40.05

From Lego we have – The Wagon! Nice enough build ,perhaps one too many layers, but will go well with the train.

2015-12-14 20.40.13


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