Advent Rush – Day 14 (all)(574 words)

“They’ll be here soon!” cried Nurgle.

“Who will?” asked Shawn.

“The Reindeer!  I’ll need to pick them up on the Polar Express!”

Shawn looked at Nurgle. “I’ve not seen a railway station anywhere near here and I thought the reindeer would have been in the stables the whole time!”

Nurgle smiled back.  It was nice that Shawn didn’t know everything.

“No, the reindeer that we keep in the stables are for the tourists to pet and if we want to do some local sleigh rides.  Because they come from our stables everyone thinks that they are THE reindeer. I tell you this, Nordstrom the reindeer HATES having to make his nose all red and shiny every morning!”

“So if those aren’t the reindeer, where do the real ones live?”

“Well, now that they are superstars in the festive season we need to keep them in a lap of luxury, but in an ultra secure facility. We call it Holly Wooded Land.”

“And the Polar Express?”

“Well, we couldn’t call it ‘The converted mine train’ for our superstars, could we?”

Shawn smiled.

“So what do we need to do?”

“Well, the elves and a couple of the minions have put the train on the track.  I’ll head off to Holly Wooded Land where we can turn it round then later in the week I’ll drive it back with our eight reindeer.”


“No – eight.  These are the Santa Originals – Dancer, Prancer, Comit, Vixen, Donner, Blitzen, Dasher and Cupid.  Rudolph, whilst being the popular person is actually a new addition to the stable and just to keep everyone happy we stable her on his own private island.”

“Her… his?”

“Oh that.  The truth is that we just don’t really know – sometimes Rudolph is a boy and sometimes not.  It’s all about the antlers. But come on, we need to start getting ready.”

2015-12-13 08.57.21

They walked along the bridge to the train.  The elves had brought out a small table on which they put a couple of biscuits and some milk.  Kevin looked at the table.

2015-12-13 08.57.32

“Carrot!” he said.

“Yes”, replied Nurgle, “They do like carrots.”

With that, Kevin plucked the carrot from the snowman’s nose.

2015-12-13 08.57.44

“ooh, me dose!!” cried the Snowman.

“No no no!” exclaimed Nurgle. “We can’t use that one!  Put it back – we use special carrots for the reindeer.”

Kevin pushed the nose back in the snowman’s head.


“I should think so too!” replied the Snowman.

Nurgle opened a small canvas bag and pulled a very clean, very shiny carrot. “They will only carrots that come from Fortnum and Mason.  Yes, I know – a carrot’s a carrot, but these are special reindeer.  Right, I’ll see you all soon – bye for now!”

And with that, Nurgle brought the steam engine up to temperature and the small train started to puff it’s way along the track and off to Holly Wooded Land.  Once he was out of site, Shawn turned to the small elf standing by him.

“So who’s in charge when Nurgle’s not here?” asked Shawn.

“Don’t know, don’t care” said the elf. “We get some days to just take it easy…”

“Well that’s changing!” said Shawn. “I’ve seen the list of presents that still needs to be made – we have no time to lose.”

The elf said something under his breath.

“If I hear you say that again” said Shawn, “You’re joining the gremlin in the stables.  Come on, we’ve got work to do.”


Authors Note:

  1. In the original poem from 1823, there were only eight reindeer.  Rudolph is a new comer having been introduced in a children’s story in 1939!
  2. Whether Santa’s special reindeer are male or female is subject to much debate – and it all comes down to antlers.  The male reindeer will usually have lost his antlers by christmas, wheras the female haven’t.  But as these can fly – something that normal reindeer have never shown an ability to do – I think they can be whatever you want them to be!

Today’s advent presents

From the Minions we have a small table with a milk container.  The Lego milk container (from the Friends Cafe) can only be held from the bottom, wheras the Megabloks has a grip on the side which will look more normal.

2015-12-13 09.55.07

From Lego we have the train. Looking at the box I can see that we will get a carriage soon.  It’s a lovely neat little build.  It is worth noting that in order to sit it on my rails it doesn’t quite run two studs wide, but as you can see from the aerial view of the village, it does work.

2015-12-13 09.55.12

2015-12-13 08.57.51

(apologies for the poor quality of the picture!)

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