Advent Rush – Day 12 (all)(519 words)

As it was Friday, Gru Industries had sent over a number of new Minions ready to start work.  As had become standard, each group of minions were assigned an elf who they could go to with any problems or queries that they may have.  They always started off with a tour, and it was Nurgle that was leading the tour for the day.

“And we’re very keen to make sure that the boys and girls get the right presents” said Nurgle, “so if you spot anything suspicious you should point it out right away.”

“Bee-do Bee-do Bee-do!!” cried one of the minions and pointed towards the boxes in the corner of the room.  Nurgle made the “Shhh!” sound by putting his fingers to his lips (at which point so did all the Minions).  He then pointed at the elves on the tour and made the hand signals to say ‘ you go over there and you go over there. We’ll sweep round in a pincer movement and get him’.

“Do what?” said Burford, one of the assigned elves/. “you want me to go swimming? Now?  But it’s…. ohhh, I see him!”

A very tatty hat bobbed above the box.  “MMM-DO MMM-DO” cried the minion, still with his fingers on his lips.  Fortunately the elves were already there and with a small scuffle managed to pin a small wriggling character down.

“Get Santa quickly” said Nurgle.  The minions (still with finger on their lips) started to run around – because of course they wanted to be helpful, but had absolutely no idea where Santa might be, or who Santa was, or indeed where the door was.  Plus of course they couldn’t ask anyone because they still had their fingers on their lips.  Nurgle watched and shrugged.

“Burford – phone Santa now”.


Within in an instant Santa was in the room and looked down at the squirming character.

2015-12-11 17.12.57

“Oh – it’s a gremlin” he said.  All the minions gathered round.

“This is a Gremlin” Santa explained to the elves.  “Sometimes, children will ask for something specific in their letters to me – let’s say they want a banana.”

“BANANA!!” cried the minions.

“Quite” continued Santa. “My elves will make sure that we get a banana…”


“… and that on Christmas Day that child will open their present and see that they have…” he looked at the Minions, smiling back “… the right piece of fruit in their present.  However, sadly we sometimes get gremlins creeping into the store room.  Gremlins find it quite funny to swap presents and toys and we don’t always know – so if a gremlin has crept in, rather than finding a banana…”


“… in your present, you might find a lime – which, of course, tastes nothing like a… a… ”


“Exactly!” exclaimed Santa.  “So, you,  Gremlin,  we need to deal with you.  Nurgle, put him in chains and take him to the stables.  What you will do is be kept in the stables.  Your job will be to sweep the stables and keep the reindeers fed, watered and happy.  After Christmas Day we will release you again – but please don’t come back.”

Today’s advent presents:

From Megabloks we have another Minion.  Yay!

2015-12-11 17.13.10

From Lego we have two presents to put under the tree.

2015-12-11 17.13.30

Because we already had a present from Megabloks already I was able to compare the two.

2015-12-11 17.13.48

There’s a definite quality look and feel between the two – Lego seems sharper and neater than Megabloks which seems to have a softer, somehow lesser quality to it.  Ultimately its not a huge difference, but it is noticeable.



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