Advent Rush – Day 9 (all)(563 words)

“Shawn, can you come into the study please?”

Shawn opened the thick wooden door and walked in.  Although the tree hadn’t been put up yet, Santa had already started to stock pile the presents for the elves and the minions – or rather, the presents for the elves… Shawn knew that Santa had ordered some special bananas and bapples for the Minions.

Santa sat by the fire.  His beard was now a shocking white and the jacket seemed to get more red every day.  Santa’s chair was a well-used one – This was the “List chair”, the special chair that Santa would sit in as he looked through “The Book” to see who had been good and who hadn’t.

In truth, whilst it was called The Book it really was one chapter of this year’s set of Books – every year the new book would be started and last year’s compendium would be put into the fire.  Just because you made the Naughty List last year did not mean you would be on the Naughty List this year – although some names always seemed to be on the list even before the first name was written in.

Santa waved Shawn to a small wooden chair. Shawn sat down – even though he knew that this wasn’t any kind of office game where the manager sits in a big chair looking down on his worker, he did feel like he had done something wrong – although he could not figure out what that was.

Santa looked at him and smiled.

“You’re not on the Naughty List” he chuckled.  “But I did notice something.  You don’t appear on either list this year.”

“I probably didn’t appear on last year’s either” replied Shawn. “I was hiding in the elves dorm room last year.”

Santa nodded.  It was fortunate that last year’s books had not been burnt yet and he had been able to check.

“But that won’t do” said Santa. “Every boy and every girl SHOULD appear in my book – which part of the book is up to them of course.  So tell me, have you been good this year?”

“I think so” said Shawn. “Although I have been staying with you without your knowledge, so that’s a little naughty.”

“Quite so” replied Santa “Although Nurgle should have told me – perhaps he should be put on the Naughty List?”

“Oh no!” said Shawn “Nurgle should not be put on the Naughty List – he’s been looking out for me!”

Santa stroked his beard. He then held his hand up.

“It’s OK, Nurgle won’t go on the Naughty List.  And you won’t either.  I knew that someone other than the elves were in the toy room – the elves are very good but can only really follow instructions; someone was showing them how to make toys better for children.”

Santa reached to one side and pulled out a large box.

“Shawn – THIS is your present. It will sit over here until Christmas when you can open it.”

2015-12-07 20.23.11

“But I didn’t send you a list!”

“Not every letter gets sent to me” said Santa. “Some are carried on the wishes and thoughts that children have.  Often those are the hardest for me to fill and often not the ones that I can – but I do the best I can.  Obviously because you were staying here your thoughts were loudest… I hope that I heard it correctly.”


Today’s advent treats:

The minions have given us the first boxed present.  A neat little construction. From Lego we get a nice chair.  It’s a good use of parts and the studs work well to secure the figure to.

2015-12-07 20.26.58


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