The Advent Rush – Day 8 (all)(657 words)

Shawn was strolling back from the workshop towards the house, when he saw RALF coming in the other direction. They stopped by one of the path lights.

2015-12-07 20.11.05

“Keeping busy?” asked Shawn.

“Yes sir!” said RALF “According to my list of things to do, I’m now three days behind on completing my chores!”

“Hang on” said Shawn “How can you be three days behind?  I’m sure that I just gave you enough work such that you would be exercised without draining your batteries!”

“Oh, you did sir” said RALF “But Nurgle has also worked out how to give me instructions as well!”

“Can you give me a printout of ALL your tasks – and show how far you’ve got through them?”

“Of course!” replied RALF.  He stood still and then a stream of paper started to come from him.

“Oh” said Shawn, “I forgot to cut out the print slot! Good job there’s a gap at the bottom!”

“Yes” replied RALF, “Or yet more paperwork would be clogging up the system!”

Eventually the printer stopped whirring and RALF gave Shawn the list.  He also printed out the progress reports as well for each of the elves and each of the minions.  Shawn took the lists to Santa.

Santa looked at the list.

“I know we’re busy, but I hadn’t realised how far behind production we were!  And knowing what I’ve asked Nurgle to do, it’s no surprise that he’s given these chores to RALF – it leaves him clear to worry about some of the other tasks!”

Shawn looked at Santa.

“Isn’t there anyone else who could step up?” he asked.

“Not right now” replied Santa. “All the most likely elves are needed to train and watch the junior elves – in reality I won’t be able to promote anyone until after Christmas!”

“What about the Minions?”

“Well they’re good – but they’re far too new and inexperienced.  Besides, I suspect that their banana consumption against their exercise would mean that they would run out of steam before the kettle… err… ran out of steam!”

“So we need another RALF?”

“That would be great, but I think what we need is a RALF 0.5 – we can offload some of RALF’s lighter duties so he can focus on supporting Nurgle.”
“Perhaps” said Shawn “we need something slightly not RALF.  Give me a day – I’ve been working on something which will only take a few hours to finish.”

Shawn ran back to the workshop.  The shutter came down and all the elves could hear was banging and drilling and tap-tap-tap on a keyboard. A few hours passed and Shawn phoned Santa from the workshop to come and see what he had done.

“So this guy will solve a whole bunch of our needs.  I noticed that one of RALF’s biggest time issues is that Nurgle and the Minions need stock brought back from the storage unit all the time – So RALF (being able to carry more than anyone) gets dispatched.  If figured that a Stock robot would solve that – he can also be dispatched to take the sleigh down to the post office and bring back all the bags in one go.”

Santa nodded approvingly.

“But that’s not all” replied Shawn. “Because he could be anywhere I’ve built in a mobile messaging system, so that any elf toymasters can order what they need – and this guy will add it to his list.  That way we can minimise the number of times he goes to the stock room. I’ve shown everyone how to use it and they’ve already started. And as well as that, I’ve worked out that by sticking a banana in its claw the Minions can get some exercise too!”

2015-12-07 20.12.51

At that point, the robot beeped.  “Uh-huh” it said in an American accent. “thank you very much.”  It then trundled out of the room.

Santa looked at the contraption go.  “So, what are you calling it?” he asked.

“Well” said Shawn. “It sort of does the jobs that the elves would do… so I called it Elvish.  And you can see, Elvish has left the building.”


Today’s advent treats.

So from the Minion calendar we have another robot. This one isn’t as exciting as RALF, but it did come with a banana which is always useful.

2015-12-07 20.14.18

From LEGO we have a streetlight. I think it’s a nice addition for anyone that is building a street scene (and as I am building a little Christmas thing I know it will be useful), but a definite challenge to putting into a story like this.

2015-12-07 20.14.33



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