Advent Rush – Day 7 (all)(552 words)

The morning started once more – but not in a happy way.  The elves and minions had been working tirelessly to create the toys that the children had asked for – and each toy had been put into the toy store once completed.  Unfortunately though, each had their own way of stockpiling.  The minions stored by child name, then toy, the elves by toy then child name.  Consequently the room was a complete mess.

2015-12-05 09.53.22

When Nurgle arrived the minions and elves had almost reached fighting point.  The elves pointed to their paper lists to show where they had put everything – the minions pointed at RALF.  Nurgle really didn’t know what to do – both systems had their merits and he wanted to make sure that the Minions did a good job, but at the same point he didn’t want the elves to think he had stopped looking out for them – after all, he was an elf himself. What to do…

Nurgle decided that the best course of action would be to tell Santa. But then that would mean that Santa would think that he, Nurgle, didn’t deserve to wear the cape.  Plus of course, he could see Santa putting everyone on the Naughty List and the last time that happened they’d had to invent Krampus and pretty much cancel christmas.  Nurgle shuddered at the amount of paperwork that had caused.

But then he heard a whistle.  Shawn! Perhaps Shawn would be able to help!

Nurgle followed the whistling and sure enough he found Shawn.  Nurgle took Shawn to one side and quietly explained the problem.

“Show me” said Shawn.

They walked to the store room and Shawn listened whilst each side explained what they had done and what was wrong with the other viewpoint.  He scratched his head, then pulled out his phone.  He dialled a number, then put the phone back in his pocket.

“My friend Tiny will help us” he said.

They waited until a small “PARP PARP!” could be heard.  They turned round and there was a small grey elephant.

“Tiny!” exclaimed Shawn “Good too see you again! Look at all this – can you help!?”

2015-12-05 09.53.57

Tiny Parped twice. Shawn interpreted. “He said it would be easy.”

Nurgle looked at Shawn.  “How did you phone him?” asked Nurgle.

“I made a trunk call” replied Shawn.

“I thought he’d be bigger.”

“But then Tiny wouldn’t be the right name, would it?” replied Shawn. “Besides, he’s almost done.”

And he was – Tiny had got all the elves and minions to tidy the boxes and sort the room into a sensible, organised way.

“But…” asked Nurgle “how did you know that Tiny would be able to help?”

“Didn’t you know?” replied Shawn. “Elephants used to be called Packingderms because of their organising skills.  No-one believed them, so the name was changed to Pachyderms.  Besides… don’t you remember the song? ‘Nelly the elephant Packed her trunk’… you don’t think it meant her nose, do you?”

“Excuse me” said Tiny, “But I can hear the head of my heard calling from far, far away.  I have to go now.”

“Of course” said Shawn – and bowing her head Tiny left.

“Hang on” said Nurgle, “I remember the song… isn’t she supposed to go trump – trump – trump… oh, wait… can someone get a shovel and a hanky for me please!?”

Quick Important Note: Elephants were not known as Packingderms. in truth, their organisation skills aren’t that good.  But it would have ruined the thread of the joke.  Just pointing that out.  About the elephants… I’m assuming everyone worked out the joke. I hope. 🙂

Todays advent presents:

Lego has given us “indoor Shawn”.  I think this will work out quite well.  He also came with a phone / music player and two snowballs – I decided not to tell the snowball joke.

2015-12-05 09.54.32

The Minion calendar brought us the elephant.  It’s a very clever build – especially if you don’t spend too long analysing it – because once you do it starts to become a collection of parts.  But it’s a clever little build.

2015-12-05 09.54.44


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