Advent Rush – Day 6 (all)(750 words)

Santa and Shawn looked at the parts of the wrecked biplane.

“Is it fixable?” asked Santa.

“Possibly” replied Shawn, “But I don’t know if it will be able to carry anything.  I could make a new one, but I think it’ll take time. You would get a new truck before then.”

“But hang on” said Shawn. “What if we used a couple of motors to make a trailer which we could attach to the Sleighway? You could then use that to get to the Post Office!”

“It’s an idea” replied Santa, “but I’m not sure the Sleighway would cope with the slippery snow that’s covering the roads. That’s why I use Bessie – she’s much heavier than modern trucks of the same size so I can use her in all weathers.”

“So really, you need to get Bessie running and we need to clear the snow.”

“That sounds about right.”

Shawn called for Nurgle, who appeared instantly.

“Nurgle, it’s Sunday, let’s have a little fun. We need to clear the snow from the track from here to the Post Office.  Have the elves and Minions form into teams of four and we’ll have a race! Anything can be used… except the presents that have been made for the children already – we don’t want to lose too much time!”

Nurgle spread the word. The elves were confused – stop working? What’s a “Sunday” anyway?  But they wanted to show the Minions that they were better anyway and so started to form teams.  The minions on the other hand were up for a challenge.  Their problem was counting, and Nurgle had to step in when he saw teams of seven and nine being formed!

Shawn disappeared off into the toy room.

About an hour later all the elves and minions met outside.  Because they weren’t used to being in charge they hadn’t organised themselves past getting a few shovels, so when Santa shouted GO they all just started to shovel snow at each other.  After a few minutes, Nurgle and Santa had to step in so that the teams were actually clearing a path, not just clearing their bit into someone else’s cleared section.

Shawn opened the Toy Shop door and drove his snow truck down.  He’d bolted a snow plough onto the front and was quickly clearing small tracks that could be walked on.  Carl, Stuart, Dave and Bob looked at Shawn as he drove his little snow plough.  Instantly they had an idea and rushed into the toy shop.

About an hour had passed.  The elves and the minions had made good headway – when the doors were flung open and with a cry of “BEE-DO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO!!” Carl, Stuart, Dave and Bob pushed their contraption out onto the ice.  Stuart grabbed a large board and jumped onto a sack trolley, Dave balanced himself holding the trolley and Carl grabbed the controls.  He pressed the ignition button.


2015-12-05 09.01.41

The huge jets fired and once more Bob found himself covered in soot. But the rocket sled was already underway and Stuart was doing his best to deflect piles of snow, elves and minions as they got into his path.

2015-12-05 09.01.56

“HEY HEY!! GLUB!” cried Minions and Elves alike as they suddenly found themselves head first in snow drifts.

“BEE-DOO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO!” cried Carl.

The path was cleared in no time at all – a huge clear track running down to the town… down to the small humped bridge.

“OFF!!! OFFF!!” cried Stuart as he saw the bridge approaching rapidly.

“OFF!!! OFFF!!” cried Dave.

“BEE-DO! BEE-OH!” cried Carl and hit the off switch.

The problem with snow and sleds is that once the sled is going downhill, it’s very hard to stop – and in their rush to make something that would clear the snow quickly, they forgot to fit the brake.  Or rather, they forgot to let Bob fit the brake.  The sled hit the bridge and instantly everyone was airborne.

The villagers were sitting in the local tavern when they saw a rocket powered sled fly past the window, with what looked like a large fat man driving it.

“Santa’s started testing the sleigh early” said one.

“Yup” said another. “and we’ve got eighteen more days to go.”

2015-12-05 09.29.43

Today’s advent presents

The minion calendar present is quite disappointing today – given the size of the window I thought it was going to be good – but instead we get a couple of skis.  It is nice that they also included a couple of extra parts as well.

2015-12-05 08.58.51

The Lego calendar has returned to it’s toy selection – and this plough / digger is a nice little micro build.

2015-12-05 08.58.26


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