Advent Rush – Day 5 (all)(763 words)

“Good morning” said Santa to just about everyone “I think I’ll head to the post office and get the first batch of letters.  The post office has said that they’ve got 10 sacks for me.”

“Safe journey” said Mrs Claus, “I hear the snow is starting to come down a little heavier now.”

Santa put on his coat and looked out.  Mrs Claus was right, the snow was coming down more heavily.  Luckily he’d remembered to fit the snow tyres and chains onto the truck last week, so that wouldn’t be a problem. He walked across the snow and opened the garage door. It’s quite cold, he thought, I hope she’s not going to be awkward.

Bessie, Santa’s truck was waiting for him.  The cherry red paintwork glowing against the white reflection from the snow. Like his motorbike, Bessie was a classic truck – a 1952 Chevrolet – and Santa enjoyed tinkering and playing with it.  Of course, it wasn’t standard anymore – after all, when you have the biggest toy shop in the world you’re going to want to play with the big boy toys as well, aren’t you?  But at the heart of it all Bessie was still a very old truck – and very temperamental in the winter.

All the elves and minions peeked round the garage door as Santa climbed in.  The elves were curious to know what new words they might learn today – the minions were just curious.  Santa turned the key in the ignition.

Rurr-rurr-rurr! Went Bessie. Santa tried again.


Nurgle appeared at the door – and pointed at the elves and minions to go back to their jobs – which they did reluctantly.

“Give it some welly” suggested Nurgle “that worked last time.”

rurr-rurr-RURR-RURR- BRRROAR!!! went Bessie and a cloud of smolke fired out from the exhaust pipes.  Santa revved the engine a couple of times, then got out whilst Bessie warmed herself up.

But it wasn’t just Santa and Nurgle in the garage.  A minion had been tasked with polishing Bessie and had fallen asleep right by the exhaust.  He came out, covered in the smoke from the engine…

2015-12-05 08.07.32

As Santa was about to … well to be fair Santa wasn’t sure what he was going to do – he wanted to laugh, but thought that would be unfair; but just as Santa was about to do whatever it was he was going to do, there was a beep sound.  He turned round and there was RALF.  With a large jar.

2015-12-05 07.56.38

“What’s that?” asked Santa.

“Jelly” replied RALF.

“OK, but why have you brought it here?”

“Because Nurgle said ‘give it some welly’. I didn’t think that would taste nice… so I brought this.”

Santa looked at the minion and at RALF. I’ve still got 19 more days of this he thought….

But Bessie was bored with waiting and stopped her engine. No matter how hard he tried Santa could not get it going again and that included opening the bonnet and working on the engine directly (whilst of course, stopping the minions from adding jelly to just about every part of the car).  Eventually he had to admit defeat.

“Perhaps I do need to look at getting a newer truck” he said.

“Hang on” said Shawn “I’ve got something that might help.”

There was a high pitched buzz and a small airplane landed.  Shawn stepped in.

2015-12-05 07.51.59

“I took one of your larger planes and fitted a camera to it.  I reckon it could carry about a quarter of a post sack at a time.  It’ll take all day, but it may be how we get the post here.”

“Good idea Shawn” said Santa.

One of the minions, Carl, was walking past the garage and Santa saw him.

“Can you fly this?” asked Santa.

“Da… Yes!” said Carl.

Shawn passed the controls to Carl, who looked at the plane, then carefully launched it.  He flew it round the inside of the building, getting more and more confident.  He then flew it out of the garage.  A huge snow flurry caught it and lifted it high in the sky – and no matter what Carl, Shawn or Santa did they could not regain control.  All they could do was watch the little screen as the plane flew off into the distance… and straight into a large tree.

“I guess that’s why they’re called Biplanes” said Santa. “Bye, plane!”

He chuckled as he walked back to the house. He needed to phone the post office to say he wouldn’t be coming today.

Shawn and Carl looked at each other.

“There’s another 19 days of this to go” said Shawn.

Today’s advent presents:

From the minions calendar, we have a tub of “Old Fashioned Jelly”.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was, so I’m glad I’ve got a macro lens for my camera!

2015-12-05 07.49.00

Lego however have given us this lovely little biplane.  It’s a very neat little build.

2015-12-05 08.32.29


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