The Advent Rush – Day 4 (ALL) (994 words)

Mrs Claus was looking out the window of the toy shop, having checked to see how the elves were getting on making the toys that they did know about.  All the elves liked it when Mrs Claus came to visit as she always brought Marshmallows and a huge barrel of hot chocolate (hot chocolate is the elvish equivalent of coffee – and as we found out a while back, coffee has a really powerful effect on elves!)

She saw the Minions in training and chuckled to herself as they tried to carry presents to the sleigh, which Santa had put in the middle of the ice rink.  They initially tried to carry as many as they could in a single trip – which ended as soon as they put their first shoe on the ice.

They tried carrying one – which went just as badly.

“Ooh Ooh!” cried one “Bumsled!”  And without any further warning or action pushed another over onto the ice, and then shoved him as hard as he could.  He shot across the ice and slammed smack into the sleigh. About four minions clapped and were about to push each other over when one (Mrs Claus had no idea what any of them was actually called) pushed his friend over, stuck a parcel on his stomach THEN pushed.  The minion by the sleigh had just managed to get to his feet before his friend crashed into him, but through some acrobatic miracle the parcel shot into the sky and then onto the Sleigh.

2015-12-04 17.02.54

In an instant all the minions had a plan.  Two minions were being pushed to and from the sleigh across the ice, with another on the sleigh runner picking the presents and putting them on the ice.  Instantly the sleigh was loaded.

“TA DA!!” the minions cried.  Mrs Claus couldn’t but help herself and she clapped loudly.  The minions stopped and stared.  Mrs Claus looked back – and held up a mug of hot chocolate. “Cocoa?” she asked.

The next few moments would have been chaotic carnage if Nurgle hadn’t been there.  He yelled. “STOP!  LINE!!” and the minions stopped and formed a straight line.  Then Nurgle held his hand up before sweeping it down – and immediately the minions formed a straight line by the bar where they each took it in turn to get a marshmallow and a hot drink.

2015-12-04 17.05.50

Santa smiled – these guys were learning faster than the elves ever did.  He felt a tugging at the back of his jacket and turned round.  One of the minions pointed at the small boy.

“Lil guy” said the minion.

Santa looked at the boy.  Of all the things that were strange and weird, having small children (or even adults) here in Toyland was definitely one of the weirdest.

2015-12-04 17.06.45

“Who are you?” asked Santa.

“I’m Shawn” replied the boy.

“How did you get here?”

“I was on the tour, but I got separated.”

Santa thought. There hadn’t been a tour here since last February!

“But that means….”

“Yes, I’ve been here a while. The elves have been looking after me – I think I’ve been quite useful, coming up with ideas for toys that they can make – and testing the toys that they have.  But I would like to go home.”

“Surely your parents will be worried?” asked Santa.

“Unlikely” replied Shawn. “I’d come as part of an orphanage tour, so I’m guessing that on the return they were too busy worrying about the other 35 children to miss one – and when they did realise I reckon that they just filled in some paperwork.  But let me show you a couple of things I’ve done.”

Santa smiled. “OK” he said “show me.”

Shawn ran off and in an instant returned on one of the radio control cars.  He’d adapted it so it had a seat.

2015-12-04 17.07.35

“I can use this to get around the toy shop quickly” he said.  “And because I’m not IN the car it means I can carry on using it when I get bigger too!”

Santa nodded.  “That’s really nice, good use of parts.  Do you think it would take my weight?”

“It probably would, but I’ve got something better for you.”

Again, Shawn ran off and came back with something else.

“I call it the Sleighway” he said. “It works like a Segway, but I’ve given it a very shiny nose.  All the elves that saw it, they all said it really goes.  In fact, they all danced around with glee and said that my Sleighway was sure to go down in history.”

2015-12-04 17.08.30

“I think you’ve spent too long sleeping in the “jokes for the crackers” part of the shop.”  Said Santa.  “Anything else?”

“Just one more thing that I want to show you for now” said Shawn.  “RALF!” he cried.

2015-12-04 17.09.01

A small robot appeared.  Shawn gave him and instruction – and RALF went off, got a hot chocolate and a marshmallow and brought them to Santa.

“RALF?” asked Santa

“Yes – Robot Ally and Lots of Fun” said Shawn.  “I used him to check when the coast was clear when I needed to get a few things from the fridge… and clear up after me”.

By now, Mrs Claus had joined them both.  Santa explained how Shawn had got to be here – and about RALF. At this point Mrs Claus apologised to Santa for eating all the Mince pies; Shawn was about to say “but I didn’t eat any” but Santa stared at him with a look that said “don’t say anything or you’ll be on my VERY naughty list” so Shawn stayed quiet.

Mrs Claus then went off to make up the spare room.  “Can’t have little boys sleeping with the elves” she said. “The beds are too small and probably too hard.”

“I think you may be able to help me even more than you have already” said Santa.  “For the moment, head back to the Toy shop and continue testing the toys.  I’ll have a think…”


Today’s toys

Lego have given us a matching bar to go with the pie and fence thing we got the other day.  Nothing special, but it works well with the other day’s present.

2015-12-04 16.59.12

Megabloks have provided us with RALF – or at least a cool fire hydrant/mailbox/robot/bear thing.  It’s a neat little build with some nice printing – and I have to say that apart from the Minion this may be the third best advent present so far (My thinking is 1. Minion; 2. Lego Minifig; 3. RALF; 4. Toy cars 5. Pie and ice rink; 6. Fireplace; 7. Bar and mug 8. Penguin thing.)

2015-12-04 16.58.57




2 thoughts on “The Advent Rush – Day 4 (ALL) (994 words)

  1. Hi David this is Shawn That was awesome!!!!! Thanks David. It is so cool that I am in this one😄 My favourite part was with the invention I thought it would be fun to have one of those at my house!

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