The Advent Rush – Day 2 (all)(497 words)

“So it’s settled – you’ll train my Minions to help you deliver presents” said Gru.


Santa rubbed his beard – it would seem the only way that he would be able to get all the presents made on time – let alone delivered.

“OK” Santa replied reluctantly “But I want to train them my way.”

“Fine” replied Gru “Good luck with that.”

So Santa and Nurgle set up the training room.  They carefully constructed a fireplace and to the back connected a tube to act as a chimney.  In front of the chimney, Santa placed a small table on which he put a cookie and a soft drink – looking round he knew that the Minions could be excitable, so didn’t want to find out what happened if a minion had a sherry, especially with all those bombs hanging over head.

So that he could test his training, he lined up four minions that Gru suggested would be best for the task.  As Santa tried to explain, the Minions just decided to explore, looking at the table, the chimney – one even managed to find Nurgle’s comic book and just sat looking at the pictures!  Eventually Santa managed to get them to focus.  He explained that they needed to climb down the chimney, leave the present by the table, eat the cookie and have a drink – then return back up the chimney.  He decided that as a good instructor he would show them.


Unfortunately Minions aren’t precise with their measurements – and Santa discovered that although he was able to fit through some parts, others were a little more tricky – and the last part was extremely slippery and he ended up being dumped on the carpet.  The minions stood in silence, then applauded.

Santa (being a little embarrassed) then asked Nurgle to demonstrate – and having seen Santa’s issues made sure that he landed lightfooted on the floor – no mess.  The minions just blew Rapsberries.

The Minions themselves started the exercise – and there were mixed results.  A couple could not get over that the purpose was to give the present away (Santa lost three Teddy Bears … he would have lost a fourth, but Stuart already had one).


Then there was the food on the table.  The drink was quickly removed – the sugar in the drink made the Minions a lot more excitable than any one had thought – and so all training was suspended whilst the minions ran off their energy, then had a nap.


The cookies and the sausages just left the Minions confused – so Santa tried a Banana.  This produced a different result….

2015-12-01 19.03.16

At the end of the day though, Santa had taken the Minions as far as he could and for the most part they were as good as the clumsiest of elves.


However, from a distance, a small boy watched the Minion training carefully.  He looked through his camera and took plenty of pictures. Fortunately, another Minion spotted him and decided to copy him, matching his clicks on the camera…

2015-12-01 19.03.54

Advent presents:

Today, Lego gives us a small hooded boy – presumably to play with the radio control cars from yesterday.  He also comes with two pretzels… not sure what benefit they have, but it’s nice to have some more food.

2015-12-01 19.07.28

Minions give us a fireplace.  It’s quite a modern looking one and I do like the fire grate bar at the front.


Authors note: I don’t have a Gru character at the moment (perhaps a trip to the toy shop is needed… so instead I used a stand in.  I think I got away with it…


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