The Advent Rush – Day 1 (ALL – 501+words)

The next day, Santa and Nurgle went to Gru Industries.  Santa had already started the change and his beard had gone white overnight.  He decided that his regular non-Santa clothes might be a little intimidating, so he’d found something from the wardrobe that he could use instead.  Nurgle on the other hand only ever dressed as Nurgle.

They knocked on the secret door and were let into the back of the Industries factory.  There, they were met with the day’s MIM (Most Important Minion) who took them into a secret room.

Santa asked “How did you get on?  Did you get to the bottom of the challenge?”

2015-11-30 21.40.14

The minion looked at Santa and then smiled.  “Bottom” he said.  Santa stared back.

Once the minion stopped sniggering he said “Pwede Na? Da!” and a side door opened.

“Bee-Do! Bee-Do! Bee-do!” cried a minion and a radio controlled car shot into the room.  Quickly after a second followed and with an incredible precision headed towards Santa’s feet! Santa jumped up – but the cars stopped and he landed on them!  For the next few minutes, Santa shot round the room, his head narrowly missing (occasionally narrowly hitting) the Bombs that hung from the ceiling!

2015-11-30 21.39.12

Eventually the batteries for the cars ran out and they stopped.  A smiling minion, clutching the controls walked from behind a cupboard.  He looked at Santa and smiled.

“Papoy?” asked the minion.

“Da” replied Santa – “yes.”

The MIM then led Santa up to Gru’s office.  The MIM made sure that Edith, Margo and Agnes weren’t in the room before Gru entered.


“How were my minions?” asked Gru.  “Aren’t they impressive? And they will help with your deliveries too!”

Santa looked at Gru.  “Oh no” he said. “They can’t just help – we’ll need to train them!”

“Then it is agreed” replied Gru. “You will train them and they will help.  How many minions do you need me to make for you?”

“Make?” asked Santa.

“Yes, make.  They are all made from the same strand of DNA – I have a special machine that creates them.  It’s quite useful when they … err… have an accident.”

“But I don’t really know how many I’ll need.”

“Oh that’s OK – I’ll have about 200 ready by next week – if you need more, we can do that.”

“Actually” replied Santa, “I have a plan.  Do you have any spare rooms in this factory?”

“Yes I do” replied Gru.

“Well rather than send them somewhere cold, why don’t we try setting up a factory here?  All I need to do is send you the parts and instructions – and you and your minions can prepare them.  Then, we can pick them up nearer the time.  I might send one or two of my elves over here – they can teach the minions and also ensure that we meet the quality standards needed.”

“Brilliant – I’ll also set up a special training room for training special minions!”

“Why?” asked Santa.

“You never know what I might need to do” replied Gru.



Pwede Na – can we start

Da – yes

Papoy – toy


Today’s advent treats

2015-11-30 21.32.28

So first out the Minion box is a Minion! I particularly like his mouth – I’m sure that this will be a character appearing in the story…

2015-11-30 21.36.44

Lego, on the other hand, have started their gift giving with two radio control cars.  Nice neat micro builds with clever use of parts to make the wheels.  But of course there’s no-one yet to use them…



One thought on “The Advent Rush – Day 1 (ALL – 501+words)

  1. Hi David it’s Shawn me and my mommy relly loved your story can you add me in to drive the remote control car’s 🇬🇧🇬🇧🚙🚗🚖🚗🚡🚟🚠🇺🇸 and good night

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