Was known As The Endless Summer That’s Now a Mad Rush for Christmas – the Advent prequel (ALL – 713 words)

Writer’s note: The original script has been changed.  I have been instructed by my lawyers to write that I bear no ill will to Mr S Claus for the following….

2015-11-30 20.52.49

Santa Claus walked past Nurgle carrying a rubber pipe.

“What’s that for?” asked Nurgle.

“Four? No, there’s only one” replied Santa.  “Actually I decided that we needed a change of direction. A ‘pipe dream’ you might say.”

“So what should I do with the elves I dispatched?”

“Oh – OH! Oh, we need to get them back quick.  Dispatch the SHIELD agents.”


“Yes – Special Helpers In Explaining Little Dwarves.  Actually, only dispatch a few – we’re going to need some to go out again with other elves.”

“So what happened?”

The writer appeared.

2015-11-30 20.52.02

“Well, let me explain briefly.  The Ice Queen and Summer King were persuaded to settle their differences by Santa’s guidance being a facilitator. Once that had been resolved – as it was the children had no recollection of ever wanting their summer to never end especially as it hadn’t included not going back to school and homework – or the fact that the heaters were on full blast still as the heater switch had melted.  Anyway, with that sorted, Santa was able to attend Fat Camp with no problems at all – but on his return he realised that there was a much, much bigger problem. Santa?”

Santa took over.

“The problem is far more drastic than I had realised.  Normally I have a special team of elves ready to prepare the bulk of the Christmas “must have” presents.  But this year nothing has stood out as being the present to have.  Even adverts have been no help – I even saw an advert for a Slushy maker for children… IN NOVEMBER!!! Who wants a frozen drink container in the middle of a cold winter’s day?!  Whilst my team of AROSLS (Analytical Readers Of Santa Letter Senders) and PIEs (Product Investigation Elves) try to work out what may be a front runner for production we’re already behind quotas.  The hot weather meant that the elves suffered from SAD – the summer weather meant they didn’t feel enthused to start producing presents.  Those that did try by eating Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies just ended up eating too many… so I have a whole bunch now in XPOES and MPOES (Xmas Pudding Over Eaters Support and Mince Pies Over Eaters Support).

“So my workforce is well down on numbers and I need to find someone who can help.  Nurgle – do you have ANY useful ideas?”


Nurgle twirled his moustache.  He’d kept it since last year in his pocket as he thought it would suit him. He stuck it on his face as it seemed like a good idea.

“I have an idea” he replied.  “One of my team made friends with Agnes Gru when they were at the orphanage – oh, they thought he was a boy not an elf. All quite embarrassing really.”

Nurgle continued to explain the setup and Santa listened.  Eventually, Nurgle finished and gave Santa a phone number.  Santa dialled it.

“Hello is that Gru Industries?  I may need a little help with a manpower problem. Could I speak to Gru?”

About twenty minutes later words had been spoken and deals had been done.  Santa called for Nurgle.

“Nurgle, please take this box over to Gru Industries now.  We’ll be seeing what they did with it tomorrow.”


Follow up notes:

I’d started to write the Endless Summer as my Advent Story, but the closer it got the less fun it seemed. As well as that, I’m not working with ONE advent Calendar but TWO – yes, I’ve got the Minions Advent Calendar AND the LEGO City Advent Calendar to work with!

If this is your first Advent adventure let me explain.  Each day I will write about 500 words to contribute to the story.  It has to move the plot along in some way AND it must contain the advent toy in some way during the story.

The comment about the slushie maker is true – I’m an avid watcher of “Thunderbirds Are Go” (I remember the original) which means I get to watch the adverts for children’s toys and even though we’re heading into winter there’s an advert with a beach party for these slushy makers!


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