Connect to Pause R3C2 – my submission for #twitterartexhibition (all)


On my other blog The Black Crane, I recently published details of my large art project “Connect to Pause” (  Between October and December I created this piece of art, which was made up of 12 individual postcards, each with the word PAUSE written on it (the U uses a semi colon for the back of the letter and a heart.
Individually each card reminds us that no matter how busy we get, we should take time to pause and reflect. All to often we run ever forwards without stopping to appreciate what got us to this point. The semi colon is there as a note that at any decision point we can choose how we want to move forward – even if it’s just the attitude we adopt (going forward optimistically rather than resentfully).
Each card joins up seamlessly to its neighbour, which also highlights that we all have a connection to someone else.

That’s the symbolism. I’ll keep one card, and ten will be given to friends around the UK and the world. The twelfth card (R3C2 – Row 3, Column 2 – shown above) will be sent to be part of the #twitterartexhibition in New York next year. At the end of the exhibition, the art is auctioned off – so my twelve cards will be connected to people I know and to someone I don’t (although the ‘six degrees of separation’ would suggest that I would!)

I reckon I’ve spent about 130 hours on this. Each area was designed as I went along, using colours that I was drawn to in that moment.  Below are each of the postcards on their own.

The whole piece looked like this before it was sent out into the world…


The other blog has image copies of all the twelve parts.


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