Postcards from Rhodes (Part 1 – art) (All)

On my other blog,, I commented that during my recent holiday to Rhodes that there was a distinct lack of decent internet, and that I had used the time to create and colour some line art postcards that I had brought with me.  As I had also taken some LEGO (what a surprise!) I thought I would present my image collection on three parts – the postcards, the LEGO and the hotel and other images from Rhodes.  Enjoy!

I had found that I didn’t bring any pencils with me – whilst this shouldn’t be a problem what I found was that for some of these it became a “seat of the pants” issue – I couldn’t create the lettering. check it was okay and then mark up.  Consequently, the image with the wheel has a black background because I was distracted in my lettering and managed to get it totally wrong – and whilst I wanted to just throw it out, I kept going back to it to finish it off.  I also found that because of the heat the edge of my hand was forever being covered in ink!

2015-09-031 2015-09-032 2015-09-010 2015-09-014 2015-09-015 2015-09-023


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