Series 14 minifigures (all)

2015-08-29 17.41.29

So, Lego have now released Series 14 of their collectible minifigures.  This series, released ahead of Halloween, has been themed “Monsters” and it has once again made we want to get all the figures in the collection (I only got the figures from series 13 that I wanted to use – in the main I wasn’t fussed about the collection).

So, whilst there are a few “filler figs” (really not bothered about the Yeti or the Werewolf)  every thing else has brought something special.  I think the stand out part though must be the ghost legs for Casper (“Spectre”) and the Banshee. The Crazy Witch has a new hat and hair piece – and I love the use of the striped legs under the skirt.  The gargoyle is so cute – and the Skeleton boy has printing all round (including the string to hold the mask in place!)

What I tend to do is buy a random bundle and then top up the missing ones through Ebay – but I was really fortunate during a trip to Exeter; we went into Thomas Moore Toymaster (102-104 Fore Street, 01392 255711).  I saw the display box and rushed to grab a few.  “Are you looking for any in particular?” asked the assistant. “We’ve identified a few”.  I pointed out that I was trying to get the whole collection, so if it was possible…

I left with all 16 figures – and because of their loyalty scheme got a couple free too!!! I really was super stoked by this – and having had that experience had no problems in getting the City Advent Calendar in readiness for the christmas tale!


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