Ayanami Rei by Revoltech (all)

As my blog clearly demonstrates, I like taking pictures of toys and “action figures”.  I particularly enjoy making them appear to have human traits (anthropomorphising… at least, that’s how I think you spell it).  But the problem that I often have is that – well, they don’t ‘look’ human and quite often I need to do something to provide an optical illusion and whilst that is an interesting challenge, sometimes I just don’t want that.

I was looking through the toys and games section of Amazon when I found this character.  Although she’s from a very successful japanese cartoon series called “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, spawning a number of Manga cartoons (I see a trip to a large comic book shop in my future…) what I particularly appreciated was how the cyber clothing disguised the joints.

Scale with a LEGO minifigure
Scale with a LEGO minifigure
"You're short, aren't you?"
“You’re short, aren’t you?”

2015-08-14 17.41.32 2015-08-14 17.57.32

Unfortunate birdleg position
Unfortunate birdleg position

The torso has some movement, just under the chest, but it’s the detail disguises that I like (those screws on the shoulders for example, is just printing).  Additionally, I can change her hands – and those bracelets cover the ball joints really well.

I keep thinking that I must get into sketching people – I typically avoid that – and using an artists model goes some way – but it would be cool to try and sketch something that looks a little more real, so hopefully Ayanami will be a huge assist.


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