The walking dead lego (PG)

I recently saw an influx of zombie related images on my Instagram feed (must be the time of year) and I realised that I didn’t have many zombie heads that looked sufficiently different.  So I decided to get a few more and went to my other favourite shopping site eBay.  I found “Walking Dead” Lego. Or rather Walking Dead “Lego” because it’s made by a company that isn’t.  The tolerances for some of things are a little off (one hand grips a little better than another, some legs are a little more loose, etc) but for what I paid for these eight figures was cheaper than three collectable figures!  Plus, the flesh heads that come with the zombies don’t look too well either!

2015-08-06 16.22.11

"The zombie is over here!" "Yes, but this one's a clone."
“The zombie is over here!”   “Yes, but this one’s a clone.”

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