Grey worker (All)

2015-08-03 21.35.56

The inspiration from this came from the small unpainted metal figure that I bought recently. Although the intention of said figures is to be painted then stood amongst the model railway scenes I thought that actually the palid grey colour was the epitomy of every office worker round the world – every day taking the same train the same number of stops then walking to the office to do whatever it is they did until the end of day when they walk back to the station, stand in the right spot for the doors to open and then carry them home (already I’ve started to work out which carriage I need to be in front of to get closest to the interconnecting routes and exits on my journey).
I decided that there ought to be a backdrop for this figure – and whilst it will probably be cropped to a square when I put it into a small frame (because I really like this idea) – the idea of a black and grey scene worked quite nicely. For the houses, I have used a water-based pen with a brush tip – and realised that the final effect was really quite exciting.

I’m sure that I will be able to use this picture on my other blog, but for now it can rest here…


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