Billy vs Ultraman (all)(pictures and a short story – 592 words)

2015-07-25 09.26.55 2015-07-25 09.27.03

The voice came through into Billy’s headset.

“Okay Billy, you’ve got one shot at this.  If you miss, Ultraman will fully recharge and you won’t be a match for him.  Good luck, son.”

Gee, thanks mum, thought Billy.  No need to add any further pressure.  He directed his glove straight at the centre point of Ultraman’s chest.  He felt the push back as his fist connected, but the force strike shut down Ultraman’s jet packs and the sheer weight of his armour meant he dropped like a stone.  He smashed into the pavement, breaking through into the ground.  Billy watched as the red glow from Ultraman’s visor dimmed.

“You did it! Well done! Now, come back to base Billy….”


Suddenly Billy woke up – and sat up with a start.  His whole class was silent, staring at him, smiling at him.  There was one person though who wasn’t smiling.  Miss Rowe was not smiling, but then Miss Rowe never seemed to smile. Ever. Especially if (or rather, when) Billy fell asleep in class.

“Would you mind telling the class the net effect is of what we were just discussing?”

Billy looked at his desk.  The book was open and there was what seemed to be a small fleck of dribble on the text book.  John started to gesture towards the right section – but Miss Rowe was having none of that.  Billy smiled at John, then replied

“The net effect of the butterfly effect is sometimes referred to as chaos theory. The flapping of a butterfly somewhere in the Amazon could be the root cause of the Tsunami the other side of the world… but… but… “

The lightbulb went off in Billy’s head.

“Miss Rowe, could I be excused? It’s very important.”

“No Billy, you cannot be excused.  Given we allowed you to snore in class, I think the least you can do is stay here until the end of it.  In fact, I think you should stay for an hour AFTER it as well.”  At that moment, the end of day bell rang and every one filed out – except Billy.

Except Billy didn’t mind.  He reached into his bag, pulled out his notebook and started to write furiously.  Even Miss Rowe was curious – she’d never seen Billy look so studious.

“Billy, what are you doing?”

“Chaos theory, Miss; if Ultraman was to crash into the earth then what would happen to the hydrenalithic energy?”

“Ultraman? Hydrenalithic energy? What are you talking about?”

“It’s what powers the suit – and if Brickboy was to power down the suit from a direct hit straight to the centre of his suit, what would the net effect be?”

“I’m sure that it all makes perfect sense for you” said Miss Rowe, “but it all seems a little made-up science for me.  Look Billy, you’re a good kid and obviously very bright, but you can’t just come to school to sleep – some of the less intelligent kids might start to think they can sleep during class as well; and that won’t be good for them in the long run.  Let’s say you stayed the full hour – go home, get your homework done and get a good night’s sleep.”

Billy packed his bag. “Yes Miss Rowe, I’ll try.”

He ran out of the room.  Miss Rowe waited for the corridor door to close, before reaching into her handbag and pulling out her mobile phone.

“It’s me … Aurora.  Tell Ultraman that Brickboy has worked out the weak spot on his armour – dead centre shot with a power punch.”


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