My creative travels (all)

2015-07-22 18.04.53

As I work away from home for much of my working week, I started to carry a few figures with me – you know, for when inspiration strikes.  Over time, that “small collection” has grown – and now all this comes with me on a weekly basis! In the background is my “art” box – it contains pens, pencils a sketchbook and those art postcards which are great for a few hours distraction.  I have by Lego box (orange in front) which contains my additional Lego figures and accessories, my Amazon Danbo (plus a couple of other friends that I’m still working out what I will do with), and my HO figures.  Although the HO figures just remain as is, the Lego figures may change – especially if I get an idea that I want to play around with, or that I didn’t get a chance to photograph at the weekend.

I haven’t included my notebooks into this image, or the lighting lamps that I also carry. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to keep space for my running it and other work clothes!!


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