Review: The Mystery Machine (set 75902)(all)

Scooby – Do – Be – Do!!!

To my AFOL (Adult Friend of Lego) mind, the hottest release for this year must be the Scooby Do licensed sets.  There are four sets in the release (excluding the Lego Dimensions expansion pack, out later in the year) and only one (Haunted Mansion – 75904) contains all five of the principle figures.  So, which to get?  Well, having passed the initial thoughts of getting the whole gang I figured I would at least have the Mystery Machine and saw that I could get the set in advance of the official release date… so I ordered one (yup, I’m terrible like that)

I really was not disappointed with my choice.

So, let’s start with the figures.  You get Scooby (two piece figure, so the head moves), Shaggy and Fred. Now that Lego have worked out that dual moulding for the arms, the T-shirts are now coming thick and fast, which makes the figures just a little more excellent.  The hair pieces are new too and work well with the design of the figures; both Fred and Shaggy have two-sided heads.

2015-07-24 08.48.32

I wasn’t really sure what was going on with the left side of Scooby’s face though – it looked like he’d bitten the side of his face off… but I can always not show that side when I’m taking pictures!

2015-07-24 08.48.43

So that’s the goody’s… now the baddies…  Two figures come with the set – a Zombie and a scary tree.

2015-07-24 08.49.03

2015-07-24 08.49.28

The colour of the Zombie is very cartoon like – it doesn’t glow in the dark (I thought it might though), but it’s the detail on the back of the head that I thought was cool. Who is the zombie?  Could it be that creepy gardener who would have got away with it…?

Finally, we get the star item, the Mystery Machine.  For anyone who has read any of my reviews, you know my opinions on Lego and stickers… and this thing has got LOADS of them. Additionally, you need to make sure that they line up otherwise it looks quite wrong.  I ended up using tweezers to try and maintain control as I applied them – and even now I can see that some are just a teeny-tiny bit out of alignment, partly because the sticker sheet has printing between the individual stickers…

The Machine is made up from two-ish bags in the box (the third bag contains the van roof and that tree thing).  The build is quite solid and the end result is quite pleasing.  There is some excellent SNOT (Studs Not On Top) building as well.  The colours are again very inkeeping with cartoon nature; if you are a builder that will put this collection of bricks into the general pile, these would be good for a land/water build.  From a play perspective, the roof comes off, and the back fully opens up to reveal a comprehensive detective studio!  I should also point out that the van is a decent width too, so you can get two figures side by side in the vehicle; this must be pretty much a first for minifgure-sized vehicles – even the Jeep from Jurassic World only seats one up front!

2015-07-24 08.46.04 2015-07-24 08.46.38  2015-07-24 08.47.39

I guess to offer a balanced review I should point a few things out, but this is just being picky.  I though the internal cab was a little spartan – my wife also wondered if the doors would open and just pulled the side off (hence second picture).  My other comment is that given the neatness and tidy clean lines of the overall build it seems a shame that the roof has so many visible studs.  I guess the other comment is that now Lego have released ALL building instructions dating back to 2002, if you were to download the instructions you would have a hard time recreating this, given the amount of new parts and colourways.

But as a licensed set, this really is a good one.  The vehicle itself is a solid construction, with plenty of new parts – and I didn’t think the price was unreasonable (for Lego).

And after that, I think it’s time for a Scooby Snack…


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